Welcome to our very own version of the Reader’s Digest. Only with much less to read and more to watch, play and occasionally go ‘huh’ too.  

This week your venerable captain (me) will be saying a temporary goodbye, as he goes off and gets himself married and disappears on honeymoon for a few weeks.

Fear not though readers, loyal second-banana Matt Owen will be taking over skipper duty from next week, so stupid things from the internet will be fired at your face with just as much vigour while I’m away.

Here’s the round-up.

Hey trend-conscious executive, get your business Pogs right now!

I really hope they’re not joking.

First here’s the sales pitch.

And here’s the brain-melting website where you can place your first order. 

You can even create your own QR code. Wow, it’s as if the crappy past and the crappy present have collided to make a wonderful future.


The Google Art Project uses street view cameras to take armchair art lovers on a tour of various museums and galleries.

Spanish artist Mario Santamaria has diligently looked through all of the views and created a Tumblr of all the moments when the Google camera is caught in the reflection of various installations. Check it out here: Camera in the Mirror

There’s a similarly eerie quality to the images, reminiscent of the final moments of Kubrick’s 2001.

Scream Queen 

Another one bites the dust, falls off a cliff, is murdered in a shower and is taken over by an alien race of pod people.

It was a good day

Over at a hilarious music website that is in no way affiliated with this writer, Ed Williamson reworks the narrative prowess of Ice Cube into short story format.

These are the greatest stories Ice Cube ever told. Warning, not for the easily offended.

Why would I be Dr Grant when I can be the velociraptor?

CVG has created this ‘complete history’ of Jurassic Park video games. Much like every film released in the 90s, it did not translate well. 

‘Twitter account with a surprising sense of humour’ of the week

Yorkshire police are upping their game.


Cut Dat is a series of YouTube videos where you can watch an unseen chef hack violently at various foodstuffs with a spoon. The surprisingly soothing commentary make these a must watch.


The selfie trend has finally eaten itself

Or at least you’re about to eat your selfie… 

Crypto currency welcome!

To whom it may concern

Hooray! ‘Weird Al’ is back! Here’s his brilliantly revised version of ‘Blurred Lines’ which has steered away from the rampant misogyny and instead presents a helpful lesson in grammar.


Robin Thicke has been having a bad week

Toughen up your Barbie 

Just in case your doll ends up an unwitting visitor of Westeros.

Raiden vs. Multiplicity… FIGHT!

As far as acting CVs go, this is possibly the most bizarre and definitely the most spine eviscerating. Here’s Michael Keaton’s filmography as the Mortal Kombat start up screen.


Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead has a surprising quality. 

The Batman infographics you deserve 

Batman is 75 this week, which makes him almost as old as he is in ‘Dark Knight’. Here’s a huge collection of various infographics and videos to celebrate his evolution, including the bat symbol…

And here’s a bonus cowl based one too…

That’s your lot for next week, here’s last week’s round-up for more. I’m off to panic about various non-digital related matters, say hello to Matt next week and be gentle.