Here are some of the finest branded Instagram videos from June 2014. 

Taking in everything from pink unicorns, child-spinning heartwarmers and World Cup related fever.

It’s a cavalcade of mini-epics, tiny spectacles and other maddening oxymorons that I won’t apologise for. Enjoy…

Virgin America

As a welcome to the new site, Virgin America uploaded this cheeky little video. One of the first Instagram videos that genuinely made me do an office-LOL I am not ashamed to say.

Here are 30 other little things we love about the Virgin America website.


LEGO began uploading videos to both Vine and Instagram channels this month, with exclusive content for each. You have to follow them both for full effect.

For more info read our guide to LEGO’s outstanding social media strategy. We also have LEGO’s Head of Social Lars Silberbauer speaking at our Festival of Marketing in November. 


All the flavours of a Cornetto. Bright visuals. Slightly warm weather. This is no-brainer of the month. It also makes you wonder why Wright, Pegg and Frost would stop at three?

Samsung USA

This isn’t the most creative or entertaining Instagram video, however what it does do well is show off an incredibly simple idea that I can’t believe nobody had thought of sooner.


Taking a break from the usual paper-plate stop motion, Oreo posted this great little potted history of the USA football kit to wish the team good luck against Ghana.


I’ve covered the #asktheNEWMINI campaign for the last couple of months, but it would be a shame not to include this, the final upload in the series which wraps everything up beautifully. A campaign full of surprises, ingenuity, warmth and humour and now… a narrative arc.


A great little tease for the Adidas ‘snake-print’ Original, for those of you particularly dangerous in the footwear department.

National Geographic 

The always mind-blowing National Geographic channel has come up with this beautiful little tribute to the World Cup from Sao Paulo. If you can’t see the text below, it says that the highway in Elevado Coasta e Silva closes on Sundays so families can go out and play sports. 


Although many videos on this channel, and in fact many branded channels are simply shorter versions of longer ads uploaded or broadcast elsewhere, this one shows off the perfect set-up/punchline benefit that 15 seconds affords.


A wonderful look at the streets of Brazil in the run-up to the World Cup from the point of view of its own cameras.

Google Glass

Happy Father’s Day! It’s videos like this that make me think that Google Glass actually might be brilliant.


Can you stop the video on your own name, Nate? Can you? Huh?


A simple little tribute charting the journey of Jurgen Klinsmann from his own playing career in Germany to managing the US international squad.


Packing in a lot of product shots and some neat low-fi animation, and the jauntiest soundtrack outside of daytime television.

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