“It’s round-up time. Whoa-oh-oh-oh. It’s round-up time. STOP… It’s round-up time!”

As you can hear I’ve come up with a theme tune for this weekly round-up of internet japes and harpoonery.

Although it doesn’t have a fixed title every week, I thought perhaps at least I could give it a catchy jingle so you know that it is indeed time for the weekly internet round-up.

Unfortunately I’m cursed with the problem that every time I try to come up with an original tune, it soon descends into ‘U Can’t Touch This’.

Come back next week when I unveil a brand new theme tune called ‘Please Round-up Don’t Hurt ‘em’.

Take a chance, take a chance, take a-take a, ch-ch…

Existential Monopoly cards courtesy of @skullmadible which truly make a mockery of the meaninglessness of ‘community chest’ and random banality of life. Heavy stuff.

Why did we blow into our NES cartridges?

Did it actually do anything to fix glitches? Finally internet series It’s Okay To Be Smart has the answer…

Getting ever closer to Her

David O’Reilly created the incredible video game sequences in the movie Her (you remember, the ones with the toilet-mouthed little round guy) and now he’s playing in the real world.

This is Mountain, his first ever actual playable game for us non-fictionals. O’Reilly describes it as a “relax-em-up”, so there’ll be no driving your Mustang into a coffee shop and opening fire on any patrons left alive.

I wish I’d thought of that

Using the a method of deflection that I haven’t used since primary school, this (fully-grown) Japanese politician takes a rather sobby approach to answering difficult questions related to some erroneous expense claims.

I got nothing against him, but I’m definitely gonna make orphans of his children

James Harvey has replaced final boss Mike Tyson’s original captions from Punch-Out!!! with real quotes. Scary and wildly unpredictable stuff.

Blanket? Eye-mask? Neck pillow?

Air traffic control provider NATS Holdings, has produced this beautiful video showing all the flights across the Atlantic on one day in August 2013.

It makes you forget about the inherent turbulence, dreadful food and Adam Sandler movies that you usually associate with flying.

Orienteering is rubbish

I’m not friends with Google Maps anymore since its overhaul, however this little trivia game has certainly gone some way to making amends.

You’ll have someone’s eye out with that

Patrick Hughes’ piece of reverspective art takes on crazy new mind-blowing dimensions when filmed with a camera thanks to its single optic. (Or you know… close one eye if you see it in person).

Boo Busters

This splendid Mario/Ghostbusters mash-up t-shirt has been created by the good folk at Threadless to raise money for long-time community member Adam White who has recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Click below for your very own.

Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken. Clean sheet

Game of Thrones houses as World Cup football kits. Although they don’t look quite right without all the bloodstains.

First Wilson and now this

What the entire Hanks family, and indeed the whole of the soccer loving USA, looked like during the USA vs Belgium game.

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die

LEGO Princess Bride anyone? Yeah of course you do.

My Life with Bradley Cooper

New Jersey mum Danielle Davies has been documenting her life with a cardboard cut-out of Bradley Cooper in this blog.

Can you imagine being so delusional that you think a cardboard cut-out celebrity is your friend and that you can take him anywhere with you? How unhinged!

Gif it away now

We have a saying in the old round-up biz… Always end on a Gif.

That’s your lot. Me and the internet are going off to brainstorm some more meaningless aphorisms. You… well, let’s just call this a free period. Tell your boss I said it was okay.

For more internet round-up tomfoolery, here’s last week’s super-awesome edition.