These tempting leftovers are impossible to resist despite the fact you have already gorged yourself disgusting on everything the internet had to offer this week.

Go on, just another forkful. The diet can start next week.

Although what that ‘diet’ consists of I’m not sure. Perhaps not spending quite so much time mass-messaging Tinder users pictures of yourself with a dangerous predator would be a start.

Speaking of which…

The state of New York would like you to stop doing this…


The Washington Post reports on a disturbing and probably fake trend for online dating site users posing with tigers and other animals you probably shouldn’t mess with.

Fantastic Faux

I fell for this. Therefore I didn’t want to post it.

However, once I’d gotten over the disappointment that cinema verité auteur John Cassavetes hadn’t directed an episode of a lost 60s Fantastic Four television series (and also realised I was a 34 year-old grown up) I realise I should include, as it is a loving and brilliantly evocative glimpse into a parallel universe.

Gif me just a little more time

Oh so you don’t think Gifs are in fact modern works of art huh? Well stick these in your group emails and… uh… send them

Beautiful work from David Whyte at Bees and Bombs.

My so-called Gif

Speaking of short, looped, animated images (and dreadful puns on said short, looped, animated images) Jared Leto is an American actor, singer-songwriter, musician, director, producer, activist, philanthropist and businessman.

He’s also the subject of a bizarre inter-office Gif fixation at Econsultancy towers this week.

We’ve been having whole conversations using nothing but Jared Gifs. He’s basically the Facebook stickers of Method acting. Don’t ask why, just bathe in his soul-piercing Giffy visage. 

Here’s where we steal them all from.

Was I watching True Detective wrong?

It’s probably because I didn’t have this sweet ‘combo’ edition with THX mastering.

My favourite bit was when Matthew McConaughey stole Brad Pitt’s body.

And then went to Paris.


It’s the pop culture touchstone mash-up you didn’t ask for but are getting anyway. Akira meet The Simpsons. The Simpsons meet Ak… oh you’ve already morphed into a disgusting multi-limbed abomination of flesh and metal. As you were.

Click below for the Tumblr with links to buy the full graphic novel.

Card Wars

A ‘sweded’ battle of Hoth for your edification.

You don’t say.

Kanyefy your dock

If you have a Mac and your tired of looking at the same boring yet helpful symbols denoting Chrome or Word, here’s how you can ‘Yeezy’ up your dock. Click below for a handy tutorial courtesy of F.A.T.

For those who ask “why would you do that?” I say “why wouldn’t you do that?”

Revenge is a straight line

I am completely in love with this 8-bit version of Kill Bill. Oh the twin nerd joys Tarantino ultraviolence and Capcom.

How long would you survive in Westeros?

Check with this handy guide. I probably don’t need to put a spoiler warn.. ACK!!! I’ve already been slain at a surprising and premature juncture.

I am the sleepy stuffing in your crusty bedding

PIZZA BED! As dreamed up by artist Claire Manganiello. Careful, contains molten cheese. And crumbs.

You hit me in the ear!

Watch Chronicle director Max Landis’ very special take on the First Kiss video. Presenting: The Slap.

Holy crap! Did you see Haley Joel Osmont in that? Wow!

They’re not so tough

Finally a trophy to call your own from all those years spent monster slaying.

Shame about the ill-researched trip to Sesame Street.

It’s just you and this video

For 185 interminable seconds.

Now you’ve been sufficiently preached at, it’s time for you and the internet to go home and think about what you’ve done. Nyan Cat indeed!

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