Let’s take a look at the best branded Instagram videos December had to offer. 


Obviously we had to include this given that it was quite possibly the coolest thing to happen in 2015.

After a number of failed attempts, Elon Musk finally managed to land a rocket safely back down on earth after launching several satellites into orbit. Insane.

If you attended our Festival of Marketing in November, you may have heard legendary Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield excitedly discussing the then-upcoming launch. 

SpaceX instagram video

Mercedes Benz

There is literally nothing not to love about Super Mario smashing through a level in a silver Mercedes after munching on a mushroom. 

Don’t remember it happening when I played the game in the 90s but I’ll just assume it’s legit. 

Mercedes Benz instagram video

Jamie Oliver

This stop-motion clip of somebody peeling a clementine is inexplicably satisfying to watch, and it gets bonus points for being only subtly festive. 

jamie oliver instagram video

Red Bull

This clip of an insane man seemingly attempting suicide by boat is so beautifully shot that it looks like CGI in places.

I’m assuming it’s not, though, given Red Bull’s propensity to film genuinely ridiculous things.  

red bull


MTV has managed to hit very close to home here with an alarmingly accurate portrayal of my alcohol-impeded Christmas Eve panic-wrapping. 

Those of you who can relate will thoroughly enjoy this. 

MTV instagram video


I do love Starbucks’ animated videos on Instagram, and this is perhaps one of the best-looking ones it has published yet.

Even if we are all totally over Christmas at this stage. 


National Geographic

If you haven’t been to Cambodia and taken a walk around the Angkor Wat temples, I thoroughly recommend it.

Just don’t book the sunrise tour and then get tanked on 50p beers the night before. Definitely don’t do that…

This clip is a perfect visualisation of nature and humankind coming together in a refreshingly non-destructive way. 

National geographic instagram video


In which a LEGO man helps an apparently bionic Rudolph by replacing his faulty electric nose. 

Lego instagram video


This clip of The Nutcracker opening a bottle of Coke with his teeth is as disturbing as it is engaging, but it’s a worthy addition to this round-up nonetheless. 

coca cola instagram video


Some next-level nerd mode here. This clip shows a custom PC cooling system filling up, ready for the most intense game of Warcraft you’ve ever seen. 

intel instagram video


Here NASA shows what happens when a black hole devours a star in space, which is the only way scientists are able to spot them given that they produce almost no light on their own (hence the name). 

Utterly terrifying but unbelievably cool. 

nasa instagram video

General Electric

This clip provides a thoroughly festive whistle-stop tour of all the General Electric products that are around us every day. 

GE also took it as an opportunity to cunningly promote its other Instagram accounts based on the products included in the video. 

general electric instagram video


If this animation from Oreo doesn’t get you in the mood for Christmas then I don’t know what will. 

Oh wait, it’s January…

oreo instagram video


Vans’ contribution to the festively visual Instagram video deluge is simple but fun.

Great use of colour, and bonus points for the subtle animation on the shoe.  

vans instagram video

Mr Porter

Somewhat linked to the MTV example, this clip highlights the perils of trying wrap such popular Christmas gift choices as a dog or a cactus, and why you should just order something pre-wrapped from Mr Porter instead. 

mr porter instagram video