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A close-up shot of a rocket exploding is a hard one for most brands to beat. 

This clip depicts SpaceX’s failed rocket landing a couple of weeks ago following a successful one back in December. 

SpaceX instagram video

Flixel Photos

This brand seems to have mastered the art of cinemagraphs, so I though it deserved a mention.

I thoroughly recommend browsing through the rest of its feed, but the below example is my favourite. 

Flixel Photos instagram video cinemagraph


What would the Matrix have been like if, instead of gun-toting killers, the agents were hard-partying millennials?

This. This is what it would have been like…

drinkstube instagram video


Who wouldn’t enjoy watching BB-8 getting harassed by a load of chicks? It’s the panicked look that gets me. 

Firebox instagram video


In this clip from NASA, Astronaut Scott Kelly plays zero-gravity ping pong with himself using a blob of floating water for a ball. 

NASA instagram video

National Geographic

A very cool clip of a lone jackal hunting in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. 

Kind of cute until it RIPS YOUR WHOLE FACE OFF. 

You have been warned…

National geographic instagram video


I fear this may have been a December one that I missed, but it’s too good not to include.

If you’re not impressed by a man doing pullups in a wheelchair there really is no hope for you. 

Reebok instagram video

Red Bull

Ah, Red Bull. Experts in making ordinary people feel even more ordinary.

This clip of two skydivers against a sunset background is sure to make you crave that midlife crisis. 

Red Bull instagram video


This solar-powered car looks like something out of Thunderbirds, and I love it. 

Intel instagram video


I do love cinemagraphs, particularly when they’re as pretty as this. 

Oreo instagram video


Ever seen a time lapse of hundreds of hot air balloons at sunrise? You have now. 

See? Who says you need to leave your desk to enjoy the world?

Old Spice

This brand constantly pops up in posts about humorous content, for reasons such as the clips below.

Old Spice instagram video


I don’t know when it happened, but KFC’s approach on social media seems to lean toward the bizarrely comical, like this clip of a fried chicken-powered piano playing a rather odd tune.  

KFC instagram video


A healthy dose of Swedish weirdness here, as a young footballer drop-kicks a camera to land it nice and neatly on a shelf out of shot. 

Ikea instagram video


This compilation of WWE stars diving head-first through the ropes and knocking people over is pretty entertaining, but really I only included it so I could say I got paid to watch wrestling.

WWE instagram video