Oh wait that just the first video. The rest are relatively calm in comparison. Even Red Bull’s.


Fast and Furious 7 is released this week. Here GoPro captures just a few seconds of its ridiculous brilliance (or brilliant ridiculousness if you will).


It’s always worth clicking through on any given Coca-Cola post just to see how many people are complaining about not being able to buy a can with their name on it.

Good luck with that one Mr y0utube_snapchats.

General Electric

On 14 March 2015 ‘Pi Day’ was a thing. But only if you wrote the date the ‘American way’.

I may have got the meaning wrong.

Mr Porter

It’s a simple idea, but a brilliantly concise way of showing off your range. Although try as you might, Mr Porter, the only place you will see me wearing boat shoes is in hell.

National Geographic

Lambs. I don’t know if you need more than that.  Everybody loves lambs.


Here are a couple of fan-made videos from children (with the help of Disney animators) who have entered LEGO’s DUPLO Tiny Film Festival. 


Exceptional work from Nike this month. 

Red Bull

Red Bull are always in danger of running out of ideas, but some very clever manipulation of camera speed keeps this looking fresh.


Ford celebrating its own community as it regularly does with another themed user showcase. This time it’s all about symmetry. Kubrick would be pleased. Probably.



Oddly hypnotic. I think I just accidentally watched this five times in a row.

Adidas Originals

Pharrell (or Mr Williams to his friends oddly) has a new range of sneakers out. Here they are. Collect all 50. Pfffft.

AdWeek Europe meets Centaur

Last week it was AdWeek Europe and Econsultancy sent a crack team of video journalists down to capture a collection of short form interviews from a range of delegates.  

Here are a couple of examples. Be nice, we made these.

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