Jamie Oliver

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a banana Jamie Oliver just launched into the air and caught like a boomerang. Pukka mate.

Jamie Oliver instagram 


We’re big fans of Taylor Swift here on the Econsultancy blog team. We’ve got a calendar and everything. In this clip from MTV our heroine does an amusing collaboration with Kanye. 

MTV instagram


A very seasonal artistic time-lapse effort from Starbucks. 

Starbucks instagram

National Geographic

Unless you were hiding in a cave last weekend you’ll have heard about the lunar eclipse on Sunday night. And even then you’d probably have seen it. 

National Geographic put together a brilliant slide show featuring photos of the moon at every stage during the eclipse. 

National Geographic instagram 

Old Spice

I love Old Spice’s marketing even if I’ve never actually donned its manly scent. This clip features a couple of Old Spice guys clubbing the parfum out of each other with two different types of aftershave. 

One is on horseback and the other on a motorcycle, obviously. 

Old Spice instagram


Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? This clip from HBO gives fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes peak at the show’s Premiere Party in San Francisco.  

HBO instagram 


Another brilliant use of time-lapse, this time by Lego. Watch the Louvre come to life in just 15 seconds. 

Lego instagram


I covered KFC’s new ‘fryer-side chats’ with Colonel Sanders last month. This is the first follow-up, in which the colonel makes the dubious claim that eating plenty of fried chicken prolongs your life rather than dramatically shortening it. 

KFC instagram


What’s more gnarly than skydiving straight into the middle of the Burning Man festival with a Go-Pro strapped to your face? Nothing, that’s what.

Go-Pro instagram


This cinemagraph from Coca-Cola makes the list simply because it’s so visually appealing, which is surely the point of Instagram. 

Coca-Cola instagram

Red Bull

This is a fantastic point-of-view shot from Red Bull showing a motocross racer riding over various different types of terrain. Might make you puke if you get motion sickness. 

Red Bull instagram


If you had plans to become a professional Rubik’s Cube solver, think again. This robot can almost certainly do it better than you. 

Intel instagram


Even if you’re not a big car fan you’ll struggle not to be impressed by this clip, with driving and camera work that could be straight out of a James Bond movie. 

Audi instagram


Converse uses colour to create this ridiculously eye-catching and somewhat mesmerising clip to promote its limited edition Chuck Taylor shoes. 

Converse instagram


We’re giving some love to a smaller business this month with this clip from Firebox featuring one of those weird Segway/skateboard things that everyone in London seems to scoot about on these days. 

Firebox instagram 

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