Micro UX design is all about delighting the user by using simple innovative interactions that not only makes a task easier but also creates an engaging, humane experience that’s a pleasure to repeat. 

I looked at Micro UX for desktop in greater depth here – What is micro UX? 14 joyful examples, but now it’s time to turn attention to mobile devices, where arguably micro UX finds its most fitting place as user interactions go far beyond the mouse and keyboard.

This article could not have been written without the help of Little Big Details, a fantastic resource for all things micro UX.

Virgin America

Tiny little touches like ‘hey there’ and ‘nice name’ make for a very welcoming experience.

You can choose an avatar for yourself and place it where you want to sit. You can also see other traveller’s avatars too.

Period Box

There’s lots of lovely bits of micro UX throughout Period Box, which is a monthly subscription service delivering tampons and tailored treats to your door…

Each of the above steps contains a simple yet brilliant piece of animation.

Pinterest app

Press and hold an image for the share buttons to appear around the tip of your finger.


The close button is a pair of lightsabers.

And the search button is a Death Star, no doubt firing at some helpless planet.


Notifications automatically turn themselves off with a little sign-off if you ignore them.


During last year’s World Cup, if you scrolled past the end of your received snaps, you’re treated to an animation of the Snapchat ghost scoring a goal.


If the day you’re searching on is a public holiday, Yelp will remind you to call ahead with a click-to-call button.


If you’ve repeatedly visited a jobs page, a message appears saying you should go ahead and reply.


When you switch between apps on an iPhone, your sensitive banking info is masked.


Forget typing fiddly passwords, Slack sends you an email link to sign you in instantly.


The taxi app changed its car icons to witches on Halloween.