Ecommerce is one of the most mature markets online but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a dynamic and fast-paced market in which participants need move quick to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are 15 enlightening presentations that can help you do just that.

eCommerce in the Downturn

The A-Z of Search Optimisation for Retailers

eCommerce Summit Atlanta State Of eCommerce

Maximizing Sales from eCommerce Sites

What Does Web2.0 Mean To Retailers?

Retail 2.0

Attacking and Defending Your Ecommerce Niche

Innovation in Retail – attention economy, social commerce and epiphenomenology

Zappos ETail Europe – Top 10 Lessons Learned in eCommerce

Google on online retailing

The Future of Retail and Selling

eCommerce Summit Atlanta Yahoo Small Business

Bryan Garnier – Ecommerce Briefing Presentation

Two Worlds Collide: Bringing the Category Captain Model to E-commerce

Michael Klazema Conversion Rate Optimization E Tail