About six months ago, I threw together a blog post based on a bunch of social media infographics. At the time, they were surprisingly difficult to root out, but it seems that more are emerging, given the continued development and understanding of the channel.

I’ve now collected a few more newer infographics that I feel demonstrate a mixture of both hard data and strategy practices. Hopefully, they’ll also provide some inspiration or can be useful in helping you with presentations or pitches. As before, links to the actual graphics are in the headline titles.

The social media effect

The social engagement spectrum

The boom of social sites

Information, creation and circulation before Twitter

Information, creation and circulation after Twitter

Spectrum of online friendship

Doughnut Marketing

If the Twitter community were 100 people… 

The CMOs guide to social media

Who participates online?

Understanding Facebook

When social media attacks!

Social marketing compass

Social Web – Reputation Management Cycles

Profile of a Twitter user