Let’s all pretend we’re not halfway into August already and instead rewind back to the last few days of July with its less inclement weather, rabid excitement for the upcoming Commonwealth Games and the promise of an ‘on-time’ round-up of the best branded Vines of the month.

Here’s our genuine excuse for its tardiness. I was on honeymoon and David Moth forgot to do it in my absence.  

Hmmm… sometimes you can be transparent merely by omission. Anyway, on with the compact cavalcade of content!

Dollar Shave Club

The brand with that video is now on Vine and making further exemplary examples of funny and helpful reminders on how we should treat our faces.

Samsung Mobile

Truly nobody does it better. In fact Samsung seems to have reached a perfect storm of showcasing features through hugely imaginative and captivating creativity.

Here is perhaps Samsung’s best yet…

And a close runner-up…

Nokia UK

With an effortlessly cool charm, this Vine works wheelie well. (Look, I’ve just got back from three weeks off, give me a break).

I particularly love this one. It also shows how a global brand can adapt to local territories with wit and relevancy.

Pepsi Max UK

Nothing too groundbreaking here but some solid stop-motion efforts requiring a certain degree of skill and patience nonetheless.

Much more impressive is this great tie-in with the latest Transformers movie – ‘Transformers 4: Where the Hell Did My Fizzy Pop Just Go?’


Beautifully animated Vine that captures the spirit of the Home Run Derby. I would imagine. Although I doubt anybody in the world has eaten even a shred of lettuce with a hot dog, let alone a plate-full.

Sony Electronics

Live your life as if you’re constantly being featured on Crimewatch.

Highlighting the camera’s pop-up viewfinder is this excellent Vine which is deeply charming in its simplicity and succinctly showcases its functionality. 


Professional Viner and all-round walking personification of smug, Zach King has made another mind-bending and seamlessly crafted Vine, this time for Intel. I am just jealous.

Red Bull

A lovely little stop-motion video, which shows Red Bull taking a break from its usual reckless abandonment of personal safety. It’s even used a cutting mat for added protection.

Mercedes Benz

This is exceptionally well-made although perhaps a little disturbing if you’ve seen Evil Dead II.


How to make the perfect Moscow Mule. Although don’t take the never-ending loop as further instructions for drinking.

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