Since introducing video functionality to its app last year, we’ve seen an incredibly diverse range of brilliant Instagram videos from brands throughout 2014.

As the compiler of the monthly best Instagram round-up it is my task to cherry-pick the very best that 2014 had to offer.

As I stated in the best Vines of 2014 round-up, you may disagree on the individual choices I’ve made, but the point is that each one is from a brand you should definitely be following if you want inspiration for your own social video efforts.

So sit back, relax and enjoy 225 seconds of excellence.


Massive global brands were at their best when they went back to basics.


Converse did some stellar work on Instagram in 2014 especially with this introduction of its #chuckhack campaign. It’s a perfect synthesis of product and brand identity. 


Check out more brilliant examples of how Converse uses social media here.


Ford had a fantastic year, and created some lo-fi, surprisingly funny and inspiring content across its channels. On Instagram it utilised the new Hyperlapse app to show off its automatic reverse park function in a simple yet innovative way.

General Electric

This is a beautiful and rather retro little animation from GE. You can even see the felt-tip pen strokes.


Showing off its brand new 4K technology is this sublime collection of breath-taking footage.


’10 days of Hyperlapse’ gaves users the chance to create a LEGO themed Instagram using Hyperlapse and winning a prize. Just another example of how LEGO puts community first in social.

Marks and Spencer

This kid completely won all of Mother’s Day marketing with this beautifully timed, simple little chuckler. 



Mini owned social this year thanks to its long running and hilarious campaigns. #asktheNEWMINI in particular provided nearly four months of brilliant output. 



Piggybacking on the popularity of the brilliant and morally vacant Wolf of Wall Street, MTV created this lo-fi animated mash-up of its own Teen Wolf series that was ripe for sharing.

National Geographic

Although there are plenty of thrilling Instagram videos from all kinds of extreme sports related brands, it’s important to have a break once in a while to cleanse the palette.


By far one of the best Instagram videos I’ve seen since. This is a masterclass of direction, editing, sound design and wouldn’t look as good on any other channel.


Oreo is the master of social video but this beautifully animated Halloween edition was the best of the year.

Red Bull

It’s difficult to pick just one, being as all of Red Bull’s videos are hair-raising in the extreme, but this is one of the few that marries a breath-taking stunt with commerciality.

Virgin America

As a welcome to the new site, Virgin America uploaded this ‘cheeky’ little video.

Washington Post

Just as a little background for UK readers and because I just had to search on Google, Peeps are a brand of marshmallow snack in the shape of cute animals. Washington Post apparently runs an annual diorama contest using the snacks. This beautifully animated video announces the contest open. 

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