We have just released our Online Video Best Practice Guide, which provides valuable advice on using video for sales and marketing. 

To coincide with the new report, I’ve compiled a list of articles on online video from the blog… 

Online video stats

Online video ads can boost purchase intent

Video ads are highly effective brand-building tools, even without the help of campaigns on other platforms.

Video ads more effective than TV?

A study from Nielsen last year suggests that online video ads can be more effective than TV. 

Online video sharing doubles within a year

Stats from Unruly Media show that people are sharing video online more than ever. 

Video ads

Will viewers accept more ads in online video?

A study suggests that users are prepared to put up with ads. 

Online video is about more than views and clicks

Guest blogger Dan Ruch looks at the metrics to use when measuring the effectiveness of video advertising. 

Interviews on online video

Chris Gorell Barnes on online video for brands

The CEO of video agency Adjust Your Set explains how online video can benefit brands. 

Unruly Media’s Sarah Wood on social video marketing

Sarah talks about what makes a social video campaign successful, and how she sees the market developing in future.

Rob Colling on why online video needs subtitles

Rob explains why brands should look at subtitling for online video, and the potential SEO benefits. 

Video and e-commerce

Why online retailers need product videos

Simply Group achieved a 25% increase in conversion rates after adding instructional videos to product pages. 

The 10 types of online video that brands should embrace with gusto

Some ideas of how retailers and marketers can use video. 

Viral / social video

Is it too early to analyse ROI from the Old Spice campaign?

A number of blogs dismissed the much discussed Old Spice campaign with stats showing a drop in sales. As Aliya Zaidi argued, it was far too early to judge. 

Social video: from birth to stardom

Chris Gorrell Barnes looks at the growth of social video.

Six key tactics for a successful viral video

Tips for optimising online video campaigns. 

Nine incredible interactive YouTube campaigns

Some excellent uses of video…

Viral video excellence: 10 examples of big brand action

Great examples of brands using viral video from 2009.