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79% of consumers have used click-and-collect in the past year

Do you reserve products online before collecting them in store? How often?

Halfords scores 86% of sales through click-and-collect

  • Halfords introduced click-and-collect three years ago and now 86% of all its sales are for in-store collection.

40% of consumers used click-and-collect before Christmas 2012

  • Econsultancy’s Christmas 2012 Online Shopping Survey found that 40% of UK shoppers used click-and-collect over Christmas.
  • However in the US the figure was much lower at just 17% of consumers.
  • Even so, it’s likely that the number of consumers using a click-and-collect service will have increased slightly this year as the service is slowly becoming more popular among consumers.

Did you reserve any items online for in-store collection this Christmas? (1,000 UK and 1,000 US respondents)

  • The survey also highlighted the importance of offering a range of delivery options online, as a quarter of respondents (24%) said they would avoid making a purchase if the delivery options didn’t suit them.

Did you avoid making an online purchase due to a lack of convenient delivery options? (1,000 UK respondents)

The French click-and-collect their groceries

  • One-fifth (20%) of French consumers have used a drive-thru collection for groceries ordered online.
  • Leclerc, the market leader with 352 ‘Drives’ saw first-half sales in that segment jump 68% to €720m, compared with overall French sales growth of 4.7% to €15.9bn.
  • The retailer estimates that its drive-thrus poach a quarter of their sales from its own stores, but the rest comes from its competitor’s stores.

Tesco planning to expand its service

  • Ecommerce accounted for around 5% of Tesco’s sales in 2012/13. Of this total, two-thirds of non-food online orders were collected at one of its 1,500 collection points.
  • However food items are still mostly delivered to the customer’s home.

Argos achieves 42% of online sales through click-and-collect

  • Argos is the UK’s third most successful ecommerce retailer and achieves 42% of total sales online. The retailer’s ‘check and reserve’ service accounted for 31% of total online sales in Q4 2012.

Selfridges has high hopes for click-and-collect

  • Selfridges launched a click-and-collect service in May this year and also opened a drive-thru service at its London Oxford Street store this month.
  • It expects click-and-collect to account for at least 25% of all online orders.