Reserve-and-collect services are becoming ever more important for ecommerce retailers as consumers increasingly expect to be able to pick up their purchases when and where they choose.

In the past few weeks Asda has said it is looking to expand it click-and-collect service by installing collection points in new locations, which may include petrol forecourts, tube stations and university campuses.

Similarly Selfridges has opened a new drive-thru collection point on London’s Oxford Street, while a new service called StreetHub has launched with a view to helping small, independent retailers tap into the click-and-collect trend.

With this in mind, I thought it would be useful to round up some stats which show just why retailers are so keen to provide new delivery services to their customers.

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79% of consumers have used click-and-collect in the past year

Do you reserve products online before collecting them in store? How often?

Halfords scores 86% of sales through click-and-collect

  • Halfords introduced click-and-collect three years ago and now 86% of all its sales are for in-store collection.

40% of consumers used click-and-collect before Christmas 2012

  • Econsultancy’s Christmas 2012 Online Shopping Survey found that 40% of UK shoppers used click-and-collect over Christmas.
  • However in the US the figure was much lower at just 17% of consumers.
  • Even so, it’s likely that the number of consumers using a click-and-collect service will have increased slightly this year as the service is slowly becoming more popular among consumers.

Did you reserve any items online for in-store collection this Christmas? (1,000 UK and 1,000 US respondents)

  • The survey also highlighted the importance of offering a range of delivery options online, as a quarter of respondents (24%) said they would avoid making a purchase if the delivery options didn’t suit them.

Did you avoid making an online purchase due to a lack of convenient delivery options? (1,000 UK respondents)

The French click-and-collect their groceries

  • One-fifth (20%) of French consumers have used a drive-thru collection for groceries ordered online.
  • Leclerc, the market leader with 352 ‘Drives’ saw first-half sales in that segment jump 68% to €720m, compared with overall French sales growth of 4.7% to €15.9bn.
  • The retailer estimates that its drive-thrus poach a quarter of their sales from its own stores, but the rest comes from its competitor’s stores.

Tesco planning to expand its service

  • Ecommerce accounted for around 5% of Tesco’s sales in 2012/13. Of this total, two-thirds of non-food online orders were collected at one of its 1,500 collection points.
  • However food items are still mostly delivered to the customer’s home.

Argos achieves 42% of online sales through click-and-collect

  • Argos is the UK’s third most successful ecommerce retailer and achieves 42% of total sales online. The retailer’s ‘check and reserve’ service accounted for 31% of total online sales in Q4 2012.

Selfridges has high hopes for click-and-collect

  • Selfridges launched a click-and-collect service in May this year and also opened a drive-thru service at its London Oxford Street store this month.
  • It expects click-and-collect to account for at least 25% of all online orders.