Throwing the word love around like so much confetti. 

“Surely you can’t love all 15 equally?” You ask. Of course I can, I have love enough to spare. 

“Really? Even the LEGO Avengers trailer remake?”

Yes definitely. 

“Are you sure? That seems like something you only liked a little bit.”

No. As I said, I love them all equally.

“But it’s not even that clever. And you’re not its creator, you’re not beholden to any kind of affection towards it.” 

Look who are you? How did you get in here?

“I’m just an extension of your psyche. Sometimes when you struggle to write an introduction for something, you like to invent fictitious conversations with imaginary people. This time it’s with a bodiless voice of dissent. And to answer your second question, I snuck in behind you before the door shut.”

Wow, that’s pretty lofty for what is essentially a written down version of Jack & Dean’s Clickbait. 

“You wish you were Jack and Dean.”

Don’t tell everyone that!

“Sorry. Well anyway I have to get going. You should introduce the round-up now.”

Here’s the round-up.

“With feeling.”

Here’s the round-up!



I have long since given up offering my full name to Starbucks’ staff. In fact I may even just start saying my name is “Bob”. You can’t go wrong with Bob. He’s a dependable guy. Easy to say. Easy to pronounce. Easy to get along with. Yeah. Bob. That’s what I’ll go with from now on.

Here’s a collection of unfortunate non-Bobs who have yet to learn their lesson, but their plights have been graciously documented by the Starbucks Spelling Tumblr.

Real names of the customers can be found in the bottom corner.

Wow, I could look at these all day. 

Gosh, I haven’t got past the first item of the round-up yet.

They just keep getting better.

I should probably leave it there.

Drive, he said

Quentin Tarantino makes many mundane things look incredible – eating burgers, walking through airport customs, Mexican stand-offs, injecting someone in the heart with adrenaline – but arguably his greatest shots* are featured in his many driving scenes. 

This supercut is a gorgeous, sleazy, thrill-ride through the best of them, showing how shots taken from different Tarantino movies complement or mirror each other.

*not featuring people murdering other people.

Know your Thing from your Man-Thing

The Marvel Database is a thing of beauty, and vital for anyone wishing to keep up with the Marvel universe in both comic book and movie form. After all things are only going to get more complicated as time goes on.

I’m going to search for a Marvel character at random to put it to the test. 

I wonder which weird and wonderful hero or villain I will get?

Perhaps the planet consuming Galactus? Lockjaw the giant teleporting dog? M.O.D.O.K. the big floating head who is a ‘mobile organism designed only for killing’?

Let’s see…

Ooooh, Senator Kelly! Special powers include debating and public speaking! His hair is brown with greying temples! Kickass!

Twitter account of the week

Pulp Librarian is your daily source of all that is lurid, trashy and wonderful in obscure pulp fiction.

Clickhole’s finest achievement, so far

Every step of Clickhole’s ‘It’s Your First Day At A New High School. Can You Become Popular?’ quiz had me crying with laughter. It’s a never-ending, squirm-inducing, cathartic nightmare of social awkwardness.

Do yourself a favour, go with Ormul.

Batman ’66 vs. Superman ‘78

If you’re dreading the pompous, dimly-lit, dirge that will be Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman vs. Batman film, then this recut trailer will offer some light relief. 

Bye-bye Affleck, welcome back Adam West! See ya later… uh that other guy, good to see you again Christopher Reeve!

Hopefully the next trailer will find room for the Batusi. 

Only you can prevent theft

Jeff Wysaski’s Obvious Plant Tumblr has been capturing his efforts to ensure patrons of car parks in his local area are following basic theft prevention with these specially made signs.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Mighty Mash-up Round-up

Look, I’ll admit it. I’m running out of Back to the Future, Star Wars, LEGO, Ghostbusters and Avengers jokes, okay. 

Every week it’s another expertly edited mash-up of various pop-culture touchstones, or a lovingly handmade LEGO recreation of a classic movie scene, or a redubbed trailer for a forthcoming instalment of a blockbuster franchise.

They’re all excellent, they’re all entertaining in their own right, but there’s only so many times you can use “because the internet” as a punchline. So here we go, a short final blast of all the best mash-ups this week. Scores out of five will be given for technique and effort.

Star Wars VII vs. Back to the Future 

Yep, good work. Well edited. The audio fits perfectly. Three stars. (Would be four if it weren’t so tenuous).

LEGO vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron

The stop motion animation is flawless, the audio fits perfectly, and you must have spent a fortune on those brand new LEGO sets. Four stars.

Daredevil vs. Night Court

Hmm, getting a bit obscure here. Two stars.

LEGO vs. Batman vs. Superman

Losing the will to live now. One Star.

Interstellar vs. Star Wars VII

Now we’re back in the game. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Five stars!

Star Wars VII vs. LEGO Vs. Batman Vs. Back to the Future vs. Avengers

Not really, it’s a squirrel trying to hide a nut in a dog’s fur.

That’ll do.

Now go outside and run around the park for the rest of the afternoon. Your boss told me to tell you it was okay.