Lose yourself in a world of web design gorgeousness with these incredible online experiences.

Some are single-serve only, designed to help attract attention or investment. Some were built purely on a creative whim, designed to inspire others to experiment.

Others are fully immersive experiences, where you have to devote significant time to explore the highly detailed worlds on offer.

All are inspiring though and hopefully these examples will prove that the internet is just one great big experimental playground, where rules aren’t necessarily set in stone.

Deadliest Catch 360 

This is so much fun. It’s a fully 360 degree tour around each of the sailing vessels featured on the show. Every detail of the ship is recorded in full and there’s plenty of extra bits of trivia and quizzes to keep the cabin fever at bay.

Most impressively though, this works even more beautifully on your mobile as the view moves along fluidly with your movements.

This is what I see when I point my phone at the Head of Social’s desk. 

Big improvement.

BBQ Cultures

Learn all about how different cultures all over the world smoke a giant hunk of meat, using hours of interactive video. It’s definitely a site to get utterly lost in.

Inside Abbey Road

Thanks to this fully immersive website built by Google, you can wander around and interact with the very studios where Pink Floyd, Radiohead and The Beatles created some of their most famous works.

You can almost feel the sense of mounting distrust from the rest of The Beatles as Paul McCartney begins to write “Magical Mystery Tour’.

Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum

One of the most powerful experiences available on the internet, this is an incredible journey through various tales of survival, horror and hope, using scrolling animation, video and beautifully written yet sparsely delivered text.

Creative Cruise

Scroll along using your little boat and head to a pick-up point to book yourself a place on this Amsterdam canal cruise for creative teams.

Don’t forget to indulge the urge to speed along as fast as you can.

Cybeer Bar

This is one of those sites that you visit and immediately scream “this is the best website EVER and share with everyone you know” despite the fact you probably won’t visit again.

However that being said, there are at least three or four deeply satisfying and innovative ideas here that showcase how much is possible with mobile enhanced desktop sites.

Interactive Haiku

Using a mixture of animation, HTML5, parallax scrolling, full-screen video and many more surprising elements, this is a surprisingly lovely experience, that demands that you take your time over it.

Parachute Montreal 

This manages a minor miracle in providing all the relevant skydiving information in a detailed, highly interactive way, yet comes across as deeply reassuring thanks to its slick professional design rather than terrifying.

The World Sports Food Fight

Compare athletes from a variety of different sports and see how much they consume during an average day. You can also compare this to ‘average Joe’ just to make you feel extra bad for eating that muffin this morning.

YouTube 10

YouTube’s interactive quiz to celebrate its first decade of existence is surprisingly addictive, and the video as a reward is a great touch.


Just a cute little heartfelt way for the agency to say thank you in the classic teenage way. It made you a mixtape!

The Boat

Produced by SBS, The Boat is a cleverly animated short story that is well worth 20 minutes of your time.

Habib Fadel

Perhaps no other artist’s work has been represented so well online as this Lebanese painter.

Timeshift 165

It’s another mobile enhanced gem, this time though you get to drive a car through a variety of futuristic terrains.

The DNA Project

This ‘album making experience is basically like a massively immersive Tumblr, live updated with all kinds of innovative features as the artist continues to record their album.


Finally, let’s take in a relaxing 18 holes with this incredibly detailed journey around the Pacific Northwest’s best golf courses, courtesy of the US retailer’s interactive online journal.