Here are March’s very best branded Vines, including efforts celebrating the month’s biggest events: the rise of the selfie, St Patrick’s Day and, uh, Flappy Bird.

Alright, March isn’t too event-heavy, but still there’s some great Vining going on.

This month I’ll try and highlight brands that we haven’t covered as of yet. Sure Samsung, Oreo and Disney routinely knock them out of the park, but these do tend to overshadow other brand’s efforts.

With a total running time of one minute and 20 seconds, welcome to the smallest show on Earth:


I’ve written an awful lot about the UX of Spotify (Seven reasons why I love Spotify and 17 why I don’t and Death to iTunes) but this is the first instance of video marketing I’ve seen from the company.

Great trivia and subtle use of sampling. Shame it didn’t have quite the same mind-blowing effect as realising that Nirvana’s Nevermind is 23 years old.

This is a neat way to highlight the week’s new releases and to decide which to listen to first. 


Recently acquired by Google, Nest is a home-automation company helping to usher in the dawn of the internet of things. It’s recently starting promoting its products on Vine to charming and informative effect.

Taco Bell

Very clever if a little stomach turning.

Meow Mix

An ingenious idea from the American cat food brand. 

Lonely Planet

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Lonely Planet marketed its free ebook offer using this stop-motion Vine.

Some might argue that I have actually covered Lonely Planet before. Well you’d be right, I just really needed one for St Patrick’s Day and this one from Samsung reuses a fairly tired technique.

Xbox UK

This is amazing. Created just with some Post-it notes and a marker pen. Our friends at Unruly also confirmed my suspicion that it is indeed Shoreditch in the background.

Here are a few more brilliant Vines from the usual suspects:


Ford is absolutely brilliant on Vine. A stunning mixture of self-deprecating humour…

And pleasingly achievable creativity.


Showing the world-changing possibilities of 3D printing. Superb editing in this one too.


Superb bit of agile marketing from Nokia, news-jacking the Flappy Bird take-down story and promoting its new mobile phone.

Nike Football

A simple but effective piece of trickery, although if that were me, I definitely would have smacked myself in the back of the head with the shoe.


Slapstick, simple sound effects, five shot maximum… Vine is finding its natural rhythm.


Although Samsung routinely own social video with its simple yet ingenious Vines, I feel this may just be a little too slick for its own good.

I write about my feelings towards Vine and the best applications of its format in Has Instagram really killed Vine?

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