This weather forecasting app uses minimal design – primarily coloured bars – to reflect the conditions outside. Simple, and lovely.



A truly stunning interface for a journey planner app, by Netherlands-based Aldert Greydanus.



A conceptual (and flat) design for a calendar app. Needs a little more contrast perhaps, where the beige bar is.


Lightbridge Projects

A great use of coloured bars and iconography on this productivity app. 


I love Riccardo Carlet’s designs for Clyp, which has a gorgeous colour palette and uses shading really well. 


There are lots of very smart UI touches too, as this gif shows…

Ski Buddy

A rather pretty app for those who love to move downhill at pace. 


Here’s another clean-looking design that may be appreciated by winter sports aficionados.


Smart Home

Numbers aside, there is a total absence of visible text on Eyal Zuri’s design for this Smart Home app. Icontastic!

Medical Dashboard

Anton Aheichanlka favours a clean, minimalist approach for this dashboard widget.

Qatar Airways Flight App

This redesign for Qatar Airways is just about the prettiest travel-related app I think I’ve ever seen. Bravo!

SEO Monitoring App

They said SEO wasn’t pretty. They lied. Here’s a design concept for an SEO app, which should help the job-seeking Dawid Tcokz get hired. 


Here is a collection of gorgeous screenshots and desktop icons for this mobile chat app.

Ideas In Digital

The mobile screenshot of this agency’s responsive website.


Another good-looking weather app, by Gustavo Balestraci.


Emrah Gencer has created a clean UI for this app.

BBC Sport

The BBC’s digital team continues to impress, and the recent update to its mobile product is well-designed and therefore very easy to use.

What do you think? Seen any others? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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