At Econsultancy’s Future of Digital Marketing event last week, a term popped up that I’ve had some interest in recently: projection mapping. 

It was mentioned only once, by those clever chaps at Layar, but I feel it deserves a little bit of expansion. 

The official term is actually 3D projection mapping, which is a complex system of creating “three-dimensional points to two-dimensional plane” or, more simply, the projection is created in such a way, that 3D illusion is created, rather than a static, flat display. 

Here’s a small-scale example of how it works, courtesy of New Balance: 


The technique has been around for a while, but will more likely be known to offline markers, than those is digital. I personally think that this needs to change.

As was highlighted at FODM: “It is not about digital vs. traditional. They will all become the same thing.

Digital marketing and advertising isn’t just restricted to the internet – digital, in essence, is technology driven – and projection mapping is no exception, given that it goes far beyond simply casting light onto a flat surface. It’s a complex, software-driven process that marries together engaging advertising with cutting-edge technology, something I’ve previously covered off previously

However, to fully appreciate the capabilities of this particular technique, it needs to be seen.

Here, I’ve selected some of my favourite examples of 3D-PM in action. I recognise that it doesn’t have various elements usually found within strictly digital channels, such as direct measurement, but I see it to be a great branding opportunity – and one far more entertaining than a fixed billboard, likely resulting in a much higher brand recall and adding viral elements to any campaign. 

Equally, finding a direct correlation between this type of advertising and reaching a marketing objective is difficult, but something that is slowly becoming clearer. For now though, enjoy these huge, captivating displays by well-known brands. 



Red Bull 




Ralph Lauren 


Johnnie Walker


SKY Living  


Hot Wheels 


Bombay Sapphire 






Disney / HP