Here are some of the finest branded Instagram videos from May 2014. 

Taking in everything from Mini’s massive charm, even more massive nuclear lizard battles and Google’s blasé attitude to its own product.

It’s a cavalcade of tiny thrills and spills.

Like watching Prince on a trampoline.


By far one of the best Instagram videos I’ve seen since the format was introduced. This is a masterclass of direction, editing, sound design and wouldn’t look as good on any other channel.


In the US they celebrate Mother’s Day on the wron… sorry I mean different day. Ford, a company that increasingly can do no wrong on social, put together this charming series of posts where kids describe their mum’s ideal cars.


A perfectly concise way to show off Adidas’s new photo print app.


Carrying on last month’s #asktheNEWMINI campaign, May saw some fantastic Instagram videos as Mini hit its stride.


Too slick to really be interesting for Instagram, however it’s worth noting that intel are jumping on the wearables trend and asking its followers to do its hard work for it. I’m going to submit some kind of intelligent ankle-monitor, for the health conscience parolee.


Playstation tells you how to join in on a multiplayer game online. Thanks Playstation!


To celebrate Cannes and its peerless queen Brigitte Bardot, here is Vogue’s comparison with some other ‘also-rans’.

Google Glass

For a quick lesson in how to ruin them look no further.


Sure it took no effort to make this, but hats off to the news-jacking and great sound-design.

The use of Godzilla also makes Sunnyreddddd’s comment redundant.


Again proving that Coca-Cola doesn’t take itself too seriously on social.

This quite simply shows that Coca-Cola knows exactly what it’s doing on Instagram.

Campo Viejo

Speak like a local. Well, order wine like one at least…

General Electric

A hypnotic time-lapse video of aurora borealis captured over the Arctic.

Burger King

I slated Burger King at the end of last month’s round-up for a lack of imagination and rather grim mise-en-scène. It’s gotten a little better this month. Just.

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