Against all expectations, not all of these branded Vines from December are actually Christmas related.

In fact five of them are stoically unfestive, however they are also too good not to highlight, so I’ll present them first before hurling the remaining 12 Vines of Christmas down your chimney.


Ford’s continuing lo-fi ingenuity and surprising sense of humour are captured perfectly here in what can only be described as a grotesque reimagining of what hell must be like for funfair workers.

General Electric 

Bill Nye the science guy introduces a GE series named #EmojiScience and encourages other viewers to share their own experiments. Points will be deducted for loss of eyebrows/limbs.


This French Converse fan managed to complete a whole year’s worth of Con-self-portraits. Obviously in France there are only 12 days in a calendar year.


Beautiful piece of stylish stop-motion, if made unrealistic by the lack of empty chewing gum packets, unidentifiable lint and bunches of keys.


Enter the world of brand partnerships, as McDonalds declares its romantic intentions towards Coca-Cola, and it’s got nothing to do with being rebuffed by Pepsi on more than one occasion.

And that ends the non-Yuletide selection of Vines. On with the cavalcade of mini Christmas crackers! 

Old Navy

Much like all elephants in December, this one can play a selection of smooth jazz covers of Christmas standards from out of its trunk. For the rest of the year it’s just Toto’s Africa.

Best Buy 

Now you can text while wearing gloves. You still have to take them off to go to the bathroom though, otherwise you’re just a weirdo.

Red Bull

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with an extreme sport stunt and the possibility of making any one of those days your last.


I’d like to think I’d have guessed what this was before I unwrapped it, but will always be secretly disappointed it wasn’t an AT-AT.


It’s the gift that keeps on giving and giving, until you drop it down the toilet because you still had your gloves on.



Finally, no more getting up from the sofa to turn on a light switch or start a fire apparently. Lazy arsonists take note.


Great, now Rudolph constantly looks like he’s just been sniffing around an underwear drawer.

The Home Depot 

The buzzsaw then visited the presents underneath the Christmas tree and caused untold childhood trauma.

Disney Parks

Dear Santa, I want to have ‘Let it Go’ permanently removed from my brain.


Magnetise your Christmas tree with Sprint. Warning: do not keep any spoons or watches nearby.


There’s a whole series of these telling you how to make Oreo Cookie Balls step by step. Santa’s got some unresolved issues here. 

Samsung Mobile

Finally ending with a New Year’s bang, with a surprising lack of vomiting and punch-ups.

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