15 blog posts…

To get us started, this post gives a run through of some of the fundamental benefits of using personalisation.

Just where did this personalisation stuff come from? Ian McCaig investigates.

Because data is always easier to digest when it’s wrapped up in a nice big infographic.

Looking to take your business international? Here’s how personalisation might help to kickstart your efforts.

Drawing on conversations from our Digital Cream London roundtable event, this post looks at how personalisation might develop in the next few years.

Allow our own Ben Davis to take you on a tour of machine learning and how it relates to personalisation, which he insists on spelling with a ‘z’.

In the CRO world people apparently like to debate whether split testing and personalisation can live together in harmony.

Duncan Heath wades into the argument with a well-reasoned and informative post.

Robert Durkin explains how localised marketing and personalisation complement each other. 

Another post on why localisation is important for personalisation.

This post will totally change your opinion of personalisation. Unless you already held the same viewpoint as Jason Thibeault, in which case it will just confirm your opinions.

The always-excellent James Gurd shares his roadmap for personalisation, starting with the absolute basics and gradually progressing to the sexy wizardry of advanced targeting.

Econsultancy’s founder and president Ashley Friedlein lays down the fundamentals of personalisation.

Not exactly relevant at this time of year, but the principles can be applied for any annual event or holiday.

This two-part series from Ian McCaig should come in very handy for anyone hoping to get to grips with personalisation for ecommerce.

And finally, a few reports…

Econsultancy subscribers might wish to download these in-depth reports.

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