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September saw brilliant Vines from Samsung, Disney and Chrysler covering a broad range of topics including Halloween, classic sports footage and laptop smashing.

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Hewlett Packard

You had me at ‘Office Space’ homage…


One of the best ‘tap the Vine’ games I’ve seen so far.

Walkers Crisps

It’s the first time we’ve featured the venerable UK snack and this month there were a couple of corking little animations highlighting its brand new flavours.


The ever helpful US retailer has injected some magic into its ‘how-to’ Vines.


Very simple but does a great job and making me want a pizza. Mission accomplished.

And this has the opposite effect…

Samsung UK

Samsung has been cheekily newsjacking this month’s events to highlight its vacuum cleaners. Here we have the Ryder Cup and Strictly Come Dancing given the sucky treatment.

Samsung Mobile US

Of course we can’t go a month without checking out the always superb US Samsung Vine account…

Dunkin Donuts

Making a very early start to Halloween proceedings at the beginning of September.


BMW launched itself onto Vine in September with 15 brand new Vines all in one day. Not exactly the best strategy. In fact it’s not really a strategy at all, more an information dump. But still here are a couple of the best ones…

Disney Parks

One family experiences a ‘not so scary’ Halloween at Disney. Just wait until Leatherface comes out of nowhere and chases them around with a chainsaw.


Chrysler has just joined Vine, with a mixture of low-key simple Vines, the ubiquitous Zach King and these beautiful and smooth animations.


I like the way ESPN has begun repurposing vintage sports footage for Vine, replete with 70s style frame.

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