In a new report from App Annie and Kantar Retail, and covered by InternetRetailing it was found that UK retailers in general were at the forefront of uniting online and offline retail with features such as ‘Click and Collect’, unlockable content and barcode scanners.

Let’s take a look at the Argos app and see what features make it so popular.

Keeping it local

When you download the app, Argos immediately asks you to set your location (which it does find automatically using geolocation) and it presents this localized map every time you fire up the app.

Consistency of CTAs

There’s only one colour used for the most important CTAs throughout the site and the blue is never repeated in other site elements.

Saved searches

Although it doesn’t provide predictive results as you type into the search bar, it will save all of your previous searches in a form.


The ability to swipe between side menus is particularly pleasing.

This is particularly intuitive when it comes to the way it mirrors the iOS functionality.

Large text

This may seem simple, but so many ecommerce sites limit accessibility by making the text in menus too small.

Category thumbnail images

Categories become all the more appealing with the use of thumbnail images to encourage exploration.

Detailed product images

The ability to view all available images for a product and then being treated to a nice large photo when tapped.


The placement of an ‘add to wishlist’ ghost button in the shape of a heart is subtle yet obvious. The ‘added to wishlist’ message appears for a brief moment so doesn’t interrupt the experience.

Click and collect

Argos offers its click and collect service as its primary offering. Checking availability is a ‘one-click’ tool because you’ve already set your preference.

Home delivery window

Availability for home delivery and information on the timeframe is offered through a one-click postcode checker.

Availability in all stores

The app will tell you the exact availability of the item in order of closest to your location.

Pay now or pay later

If you choose click and collect, you can pay later in-store which is very convenient especially for those who don’t have payment information to hand or don’t want to save their car details.

Map/store information

You can also see Argos branches on a map automatically set to your location.

Which if you then click-through, you can see all the store information you need, including opening times, access to directions and…

All the contact info you’ll ever need

Which can then be saved to your phone if you so desire.

Social proof

The layout of the product page allows space for customer ratings and a link to reviews, which manages not to clutter the page at all.

Micro UX

When you click add to trolley, there’s a neat animation of the product disappearing into the basket.

Bringing the print catalogue to life

Within the app there’s a barcode scanner, which you can use in-store with the catalogue, unlocking access to additional content.


Once you’ve used it once, you’ll feel welcomed back the next time.