It’s the end of another month and therefore it’s time again to crawl through the six second efforts from brands both small and gigantic in order to bring you the very best mini advertorial marvels.

Did anyone used to watch that Jasper Carrot thing from years ago where he would sit on a stool and present weird adverts from around the world?

I suppose this is a bit like that, only this is probably slightly less interminable and you don’t have to look at Jasper Carrot’s face in between videos.

This is also less of an excuse to parade soft European erotica to a post watershed audience and more of an excuse to show how your brand can use the platform in interesting and engaging ways.

Well I’ve blathered on long enough, here’s the round-up.


Target has an ongoing campaign called #unPOPthebox, where the US chain is sending out parcels full of props to its followers and encouraging them to make Vines for them using whatever they find inside the box.

Target receives a bunch of free content, followers get a bunch of free stuff and a revine and we get to enjoy a less distressing version ‘Seven’.

General Electric

General Electric is having a massively versatile month on Vine. Followers can still see GE’s brilliant little science experiments…

A self-effacing sense of humour is also slipping in during it’s #SpringBreakIt campaign…

And the relative differences between LEGO and real-world engineering are explored…


Sure we’ve all seen time-lapse photography countless times before, but when you consider that this transition from London to Shanghai was achieved by repeatedly tapping the Vine app for two different all-day-long sessions in two different locations half the world away, it’s actually a monumental achievement. Especially when it’s so easy to accidentally delete a saved edit.


Carrying on Oreo’s great tradition of charming Vines and news-jacking, here’s a Game of Thrones inspired effort.


Gorgeous little Vine created for Ford Mustang that takes a model car on a mini adventure. Oh wait, I think that may already be taken.


Spotify is coming under fire for its recent design overhaul, but these series of Vines show off the new sharing functionality in a concise way.


Hewlett-Packard would like to take this six seconds to remind everyone that it’s not destroying the environment too much. Happy Earth Day everyone!

Gap Kids

Revined by Gap, this is a user created Vine that is doing Gap’s work for it better than it can do itself.


The king of useful Vines. This time around Lowe’s shows you how you can use an empty milk carton to help you varnish a fence. This is exactly the excuse that I’ll use when my fiancée questions why I never throw old milk cartons away. The fact we don’t have a garden, least of all a fence to stain is moot.


Run, this giant Galaxy S5 will devour us all. Keeping it nice and simple for us UK audiences is this charming ad for the new model’s UK release.


Another Earth Day missive, this one from Nest, delivering a simple, clear message in a perfect infinite loop.


So clever, so simple. This is another Vine that can be filed under ‘Gah, I should’ve thought of that!’.

This is another from Nokia, which again is very creative yet delivers single simple message with absolute clarity. 


Only eBay’s third ever post, but it’s a good one.


I mean, this can’t be real can it? Surely there’s no way…

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