The word thrilling is bandied around so much these days that it’s all but lost its meaning. 

“Hey son, how’s the non-brand corn flakes?” “Thrilling.”

“Good morning dear. What did you think of last night’s episode of Emmerdale?” “Deeply thrilling.”

“Oh hi long-term colleague, what do you think of my new brown woollen socks?” “Unbelievably thrilling.”

I realise now that I may have a very sarcastic family and friendship group.

Somehow I already know what they’ll think of the following round-up of reasonably entertaining things I found on the internet this week. 


Too Many Cooks

Hey everyone, gather the whole family round for some good old fashioned family sitcom fun.

You won’t be needing that social life anymore 

Thank you Internet Arcade, thank you. Play hundreds of classic 70s, 80s & 90s arcade games right on your desktop. See you in approximately 17 months. Better get some bottled water and dehydrated snacks in.

STOP, go back and listen from the beginning

First of all, I urge you to listen to the Serial podcast, it’s the utterly gripping true story of a reporter investigating a fifteen-year-old murder for which the wrong man may have been convicted.

It’s ‘True Detective’ addictive but with added humanity and humour.

Once you’ve done that, listen to these hilarious ‘lost episodes’ which posit that show sponsor Mail Chimp is the real killer.


Shania Twain is a Punk Rocker 

Dangerous Minds has put together this soul-destroying collection of celebrities wearing Ramones t-shirts who have no business wearing Ramones t-shirts. 

Man, Shania feels like Dee Dee Ramone…

Beat on the Brat…

Teenage Lobotomy…

Monty the Penguin vs. The Babadook

The film that continues to haunt me has managed to warp and twist my perception of the new John Lewis advert. YOU CAN BRING ME THE BOY.

“That’s where I saw the leprechaun. He told me to burn things”

This is a cake. An actual cake.


So distressing…

Courtesy of Kylie Mangles at Freshly Squeezed

Is this the gender-swapped Ghostbusters reboot you were looking for?

Well it should be because this the charmingest, funningest, ghostbustingliest remake of the 80s classic ever.

Watch this shot-for-shot remake of the Ghostbusters trailer and marvel at the middle-school kids’ uncanny Bill Murray impersonations.

Carpiss Bunson

If you’ve been reading my increasingly sarcastic monthly Vine round-ups you’ll be well aware of the rampant popularity of the superstar Viner. 

You might also be aware of the sheer ridiculousness of their names…

Now you can make up you own stupid Vine name with this random generator

Hi, I’m new Vine sensation…

In space, no one can hear you *mfeghhghghffle* 

I covered Troqman’s excellent cartoon-bombing Instagram account a few weeks ago, here is his latest best effort. 

In space, no one can hear you DO ANYTHING FOOL!!! 

Let’s debunk some classic movie truths. A lit cigarette will cause a gasoline explosion. WRONG! Tracing a call takes exactly 60 seconds WRONG! Anything ever about amnesia ever. WRONG!

Here are a few more from the good folk at Mental Floss…

I’m just a cook

A salute to AndTheManNextToYou for honouring all the brave dead on the USS Missouri (ahem… fictional battleship from Under Siege) by creating tragic backstories for every lost soul.

What was Tommy Lee Jones doing before the events that led him to be stabbed in the head by Steven Seagal?


Taylor Swift’s ‘okay to like even if you’re a serious music fan’ Shake it Off sounds like a secret doorway to hell being wrenched open when slowed down to a fifth of its speed. Enjoy? 

A similar portal to Hades opened up in this West Virginia news studio.

Do the Flash potato 

My Longbox Weighs a Ton sees the greatest superheroes in the world breaking out some classic breakdancing moves.

How to make sparkling red wine

Uh… don’t.

The Rock: good guy, great fanny pack

This Halloween, The Rock did some self-effacingly brilliant retweeting of his followers’ costume efforts. The costume in question: The Rock in the 90s.

“They should call you wimp-lash”

Skeletor’s best put downs. Uh… they’re not that great. Although he did surprisingly say ‘boob’ an awful lot.

Little hamster bartenders serving tiny food and drinks

I think it would be pointless trying to carry on after this. 

More at Bored Panda if your dear heart can take it.  

That’s all for this week. Me and the internet are off to Alton Towers this weekend to ride the very scari… oh it’s shut.