Yesterday our CEO Ashley Friedlein finally did the honourable thing and bought an iPhone. Already his world has measurably improved.

We asked our Twitter followers to suggest the apps that he should download. In particular we wanted ideas on apps relating to productivity, workflow, as well as the internet industry more broadly. Some are more boss-like than others, but they’re all great apps.

Here’s what you (and I) came up with. Images link to the iTunes Store, should you wish to download them. 

Google (including voice-based search)

SimpleMindX (a very useful mindmapping app – great for brainstorming)

CameraBag (excellent effects for your iPhone pictures, including mono, a fisheye, and 70s polaroids such as this beauty…)



Evernote (a portable documenting app – store notes, images, audio memos, etc) 

AroundMe (what’s happening nearby?)

Keynote Remote (create slideshows on the move)

Done (a to-do list based task manager)

Remember The Milk (another popular to-do list app)

Tweetie (excellent Twitter app, and a handy alternative to TweetDeck; very useful for quickly managing multiple Twitter accounts)

TweetDeck (obviously)


Byline (Google Reader for the iPhone – useful for reading when on the tube / offline)

eBuddy (all-in-one IM platform, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk)

Honourable mentions

There are bunch of others, not least FlickUp, which can be useful for uploading pictures to Flickr (though I find Posterous to be incredibly useful for uploading iPhone images to the web via email). There’s also Air Sharing, which allows you to use your iPhone as a wireless drive on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. I don’t yet use it but it could come in handy. Shazam is excellent too, for when you need to know what song is being played when partying in Vegas (in my case it turned out to be Magnet and Steel, by Walter Egan).

And speaking of playtime, here’s a great game which is especially good when played in airports, and kinda weird at 36,000 feet…

Flight Control

Thanks to everybody who contributed.