Brazil 2014 is the first social video World Cup.

It’s quite telling how often Vines and Instagrams are used as part of the pre-match build-up by the BBC and ITV, either by showing videos the pundits or players have uploaded or by sharing ones from the fans themselves.

It’s even more extraordinary to think that neither channel existed during the time of last World Cup in 2010.

Brands (both sponsors and non-sponsors alike) are also capitalising on creating awareness and generating shares through Vine and Instagram by hijacking one of the most compelling global sporting competitions.

I regularly round-up the best Vines and Instagram Videos from brands every month, here are some of the best World Cup related ones I’ve seen so far…

Samsung Mobile US

Advertising both its wearable Gear Fit and the Galaxy with some of Samsung’s signature animation and creativity.


Taking a break from the usual paper-plate stop motion, Oreo posted this great little potted history of the USA football kit to wish the team good luck against Ghana.


Colombia vs Uruguay recreated in every agile animator’s favourite medium.

Nike Football

So much mind-boggling football skills from Nike over the last few weeks…

National Geographic 

The always mind-blowing National Geographic channel has come up with this beautiful little tribute to the World Cup from Sao Paulo. If you can’t see the text below, it says that the highway in Elevado Coasta e Silva closes on Sundays so families can go out and play sports. 



Brands, the World Cup and stop motion go hand in… Hmm, I’m sure there’s a better metaphor here. In the meantime…



A wonderful look at the streets of Brazil in the run-up to the World Cup from the point of view of its own cameras.

This footage was filmed on Copacabana beach.

Adidas Football

Adidas has been sharing the process it uses to print the match details on the ball used for the game.

The history of the Adidas World Cup ball in six seconds.

It has also been uploading these beautifully animated highlights from the tournament.

Coca-Cola Brasil

Deeply satisfying infinite looping celebratory action.


A simple little tribute charting the journey of Jurgen Klinsmann from his own playing career in Germany to managing the US international squad.

Over on Vine its showing an incredible array of emotions from the fans.


Official sponsor McDonald’s is advertising its soccer related app via Vine.

I include the following as an exercise in ‘spot the bizarre mistake’.

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