Completely automate your online life and never have to lift a finger again…

IFTTT (‘if this then that’) is a tool that gives you the ability to connect a huge array of online applications together as one interconnected whole.

If an event happens (this) in one application, it will trigger an action (that) within another one. For instance, if every time you post an image on Instagram it can be automatically uploaded as a Tumblr post. If every time you are tagged in a photo on Facebook, it will automatically save the photo to your iOS Photos.

These connections between channels are called ‘recipes’. These recipes can be created by yourself, or you can browse through ones that other users have created on itself. IFTTT is accessible on your desktop, can be downloaded as an app for the iPhone or Android and can also be integrated into your blogging platform.

For practical help and advice on setting up IFTTT check out what is IFTTT and how to use it?

There is an endless array of ‘recipes’ to make your life easier. Here are links to 20 recipes that either we recommend or that just look particularly awesome. 

Which IFTTT recipes have you found useful? Let us know in the comments…