In no particular order… 

Fanbassador: A fan of a brand who acts in an ambassadorial way. (Thanks to @CraigLeGrice for this one). 

Shoptimization: how apps can be used to optimise the in-store shopping experience for the consumer, usually by reducing costs.

Digi-tail: augmented reality and other digital stuff in-store to boost the shopping experience.

Wearable multitasking: “Watches that socially connect, work as credit cards and have games on them” – basically, wearable technology.

Fashionizing: making normal objects fashionable. Diet Coke being branded with Jean Paul Gaultier was an example.

Shoppertainment: “new brand experiences and memorable entertainment” in-store and online, such as IKEA holding a slumber party.

Mocial: Yes, it’s mobile and social. 

Data is the new (soil): A bastardisation of Gerd Leonhard’s phrase, explained here. Someone actually used this (skip to 6:50 in this video). “Data is the new which our ideas will grow”. Pass me the bucket…

Phablet: basically, big smartphones which aren’t quite tablets. Do we really need a word for this?  

Pivot: when a startup decides that a change of business model is needed. 

Value add: or, in plain English, added value. 

Omnichannel: yes, we’ve used this word on the blog, but what’s wrong with multichannel?

Learnings: as in lessons learned. Learnings isn’t a word.  

Reach out: commonly used by PRs. “I’m reaching out to you with the news that…”

Swim lane: a phrase for a person’s area of responsibility within a business. 

We also asked our Twitter followers for some of the words and phrases they dislike.

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