Inspired by Chris Lake’s excellent article, Stupid URLs and how to avoid them, I’ve been digging around the internet to find some truly terrible domain name fails.

Some of ones I’ve listed are totally beyond belief. I’m frankly astounded that their owners didn’t notice the double entendres happening – and there’s loads of others floating around the web too.

As it also happens, there’s a semi-official name for instances like these: SLURLS, coined by a computer programmer called Andy Geldman who’s actually produced a book specifically around this subject.

The list I’ve put together is definitely not for the faint-hearted. With winter gloomily kicking in, this list is intended only as a bit of fun, and nothing too serious. But take this as a warning: if you’re easily offended, don’t read any further…

1. Scrap, fresh from America…

2. Cccan you spot it?

3. Mr Dover appears to have opted for a childish classic.

4. Blinds, shutters and more…

5. Man and machine love.

6. Who knew a country could hurt you so much?

7. It seems Dicksons wised up to their mistake. The URL now redirects.

8. Don’t make me swear at you!

9. Looking for a change?

10.Google. In the Cook Islands.

11. Mixing art and surgery.

12. Never heard of a toilet?

13. Say it as it is.

14. The best tunes around.

15. An island of pens!

16. More childish humor.

17. When school just isn’t enough.

18. A site of therapy.

19. Web One appear to have now changed their name to iiNet…

20. Who’s managing who? 

[Image credit to: chrisdlugosz]