In the meantime, let’s take a look at a list only slightly more relevant to the blog… it’s the 20 most shared ads of 2014.

Thanks to Unruly for the data, although no thanks for forgetting to include Too Many Cooks.

“It’s not an advert” you say, well you’ll change your mind when Smarf cuddly toys begin appearing on the shelves of John Lewis.

1. Activia: Shakira – La La La (5.8m shares) 

I don’t know about you but every time I think about the 2014 Brazilian World Cup, I think about yogurt.

Just me then? Fine.

2. 20th Century Fox: Devil Baby Attack (2.1m shares)

One day in the future, when the final remnants of civilisation are looking back at the few digital scraps of entertainment remaining on the last surviving hard drive, they’ll say of Devil Baby Attack: “I don’t know what film that’s advertising but that vomiting baby is funny”.

3. Nike: The Last Game (2.1m shares)

As a semi-relevant aside, this video has one the driest YouTube descriptions I’ve ever seen…

Wow, watch out Big Hero 6!

4. Budweiser: Puppy Love (1.9m shares)

Puppies befriending horses? This is clearly the end-times people. Time to start stockpiling food and gathering together any weapons you can.

5. Cardstore: World’s Toughest Job (1.8m shares)

Spoiler alert: it’s not snake handler.

6. Wren: First Kiss (1.5m shares)

I’m still waiting for mine. *Sighs, stares out of window mournfully*

7. Always: #LikeAGirl (1.4m shares)

The deserving winner of three of our Digitals 2014 awards. It would have won more but Meryl Streep had already successfully bribed the judges of the other categories. Even Email marketing.

8. Nike: Winner Stays (1.4m shares)

Some footballers playing football. They all seem fairly competent.

9. Thai Life Insurance: Unsung Hero (1.2m shares)

Don’t feel bad, I’ve been wasting my life too. But we can stop that right now, we can make a change, we can be a force for good. Let’s just watch Too Many Cooks one last time and then start thinking about possibly making a plan.

10. DTAC: The Power of Love (1.1m shares)

It’s Devil Baby Attack’s fault that I spent the last few moments of this ad waiting for it to throw up all over him.

11. Castrol: Footkhana (1m shares)

Look forward to the 2018 World Cup when Brazil take the decision to field a 442—One-whole-car-across-the-goal-line formation.

12. Save the Children: Most Shocking Second a Day (973,164 shares)

This one just speaks profoundly for itself.

13. Disney: Frozen ‘Let it Go’ Singalong (896,324 shares)

It’s probably unsurprising that the most shared movie promos aren’t actually trailers, it is however surprising that Frozen doesn’t appear higher up in the chart. Although Disney’s savviness here is in uploading the song officially before any other less scrupulous people got in first and hijacked the 350m pre-teen girls from watching a pirated video on repeat.

14. FCKH8: Potty Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism (813,436 shares)

A fitting antidote to ‘Let it Go’. Warning: NSFW if you’re not wearing headphones.

15. Volkswagen: Eyes on the Road (805,766 shares)

This is an amazing use of NFC and integrated offline/online media to hammer home an important point.

16. CoorDown: Dear Future Mom (804,082 shares)

Well it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remain in my natural snarky persona during this rundown as the sheer weight of emotionally engaging and uplifting ads are starting to bear down on my cold unfeeling heart. Hopefully there’ll be something featuring Chris Martin soon.

17. John Lewis: Monty the Penguin (770,187 shares)

You’ve all seen the new John Lewis Christmas advert at least a handful of times already, so here instead is the same advert recut with the terrifying sound-effects of The Babadook.

18. BBC Music: God Only Knows (725,867 shares)

Part advert, part music video, all endurance test.

19. Procter & Gamble: Thank You Mom (688,364m shares)


20. KLM: Lost and Found Service (670,401m shares)

Oh sure you think he’s cute now, but you won’t be saying that after he’s planted heroin in your luggage and detained you for 28 hours straight without food or water.

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