Our best branded Vines round-up this month comes bearing great news.

Recently Vine has completely overhauled its desktop site so it looks and works a lot like YouTube, but most gratefully received out of all the new functionality is the ability to search.

At last! You can now search for individual users, locations or tags, making this particular writer’s job a heck of a lot easier. You can read about other improvements here: Vine’s desktop redesign puts community and search first.

In other news, Vine has also updated the app itself and it now allows you to footage from pre-existing videos on your smartphone. Allowing you to mix and edit multiple sources into your Vine. 

It looks like Instagram will have to pull something particularly spectacular out of the bag to keep up with its rivals (a half-decent desktop site would be a start).

In the meantime, lets check out the latest and greatest branded Vines.

Best Buy

The US electronics chain has been creating loads of excellent and very helpful ‘how to’ videos this month, under the hashtag #HackToSchool

Samsung TV

Recapping the Breaking Bad finale just in time for its Emmy win, Samsung created this neat homage to Walter’s final blaze of glory.

Other Emmy nominees also received similar treatment. I include the following as a sly urge for you to watch the fantastic Silicon Valley by Mike Judge.

And of course Game of Thrones gets a Vine too, which is beautifully crafted and silly.


So uh… Arby’s bought Pharrell’s giant and… uh… donated it to a museum in Washington. Yep, true story. Watch the tale unfold in the following hard hitting reconstruction.

Samsung Mobile

Last month I said that Samsung Mobile has reached a pinnacle of showcasing features through hugely imaginative and captivating creativity. This month its done even better.


This guy again.


I wrote about Coca-Cola’s terrific social strategy here and a lot of the engagement comes from low-key yet charming little videos like this.


How many times? Tell me… HOW MANY TIMES???

Verizon Wireless USA

This is a clever use of stop-motion that shows off its Siri-like function. Although I find the ‘brains and beauty’ text a little troublesome.

Here’s a great animation highlighting the company’s partnership with the IndyCar 2014


Timing is everything, yet when you only have six seconds the temptation to rush through is extraordinary. Oreo however has managed to create tension and comic timing exquisitely here.

Dunkin Donuts

It’s tough to get the sound even barely listenable nevermind pleasant when doing stop motion in a Vine, so big kudos to Dunkin Donuts for nailing this one.

However it’s this little tribute to Brody, Quint and Hooper that wins this month’s most personally appealing Vine.


A humane way to keep the bugs away.

Taco Bell 

Simple and cute, this is an easy charmer.

Vita Coco

Making great pains to point out how much more convenient it is to drink a carton of coconut juice rather than an actual coconut. Uh-huh.

For more amazing branded Vines, check out July’s round-up.