It’s the end of another month and therefore it’s time again to crawl through the six second efforts from brands both small and gigantic in order to bring you the very best mini advertorial marvels.

We have everything here from nuclear lizards, ultra-low budget remakes of classic car chases to some mind-bending perspective fun.

So strap yourself in for exactly two minutes of entertainment. Longer if you stop to read my various witterings.


To celebrate the release of another attempt at a Godzilla remake that would have to do an awful lot wrong to be worse than the last one, Vine devoted a channel to users’ best efforts. 

Here are my favourites.

Again, way better than that Broderick one.

Ford Europe

Ford bringing the ‘A game’ to Vine like it always does. Here’s a beautifully shot recreation of Gone in 60 Seconds that’s better than the other bigger budgeted remakes, in order to celebrate the European release of the 2015 Mustang.

Also keeping with the remake theme, here’s Bullitt.

And one that’s particularly close to my heart as I’ve been guilty of similar behaviour.

Red Bull

This has become one of my very favourite things just to watch whenever I want to clear my mind.


Aggghhh!! My mind just exploded.


Super snazzy, retro-steeped Breakout goodness. Bliss.


The stop-motion used in a great deal of Vines is getting slicker and slicker.

I particularly love this perfect looping effort.


It’s got to the point now where I’m just highlighting Lowe’s Vines because they tell you something you had never thought of doing before. It doesn’t even matter what the quality’s like.

I had never thought of that either!

Nike Football

Arda Turan showing off his skills, and possible sorcery, in what will be the first of hundreds of World Cup themed Vines.

Colleagues will attest to the fact I don’t know who any of these people are.

Home Depot

Vines and Rude Goldberg are a natural fit. Like Instagram and beards.

General Electric

Sterling use of perspective and stop motion.


I never noticed Charmin’s strapline before… ‘We all go to the bathroom. Those who go with Charmin really enjoy the go!’

To prove this, here are some toilet-roll based Vines…

This one’s an absolute winner, but it’s from April, so please forgive me for forgetting it last time.


Very simple, clever and effective. Although please sort out your sound next time.


Excelling at perfectly looped sound and vision, whilst delivering clear product information and smooth stop-motion.

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