The Limited

Boldly stating The Limited’s presence on Pinterest, this is a simple email with a simple goal. Driving The Limited’s customers to its boards to get pinning and repinning. It hasn’t forgotten about Twitter and Facebook either.

Mark Shale

Mark Shale incentivises its Pinterest page by saying that users will be the first to see new arrivals. The panels within the email mimic the Pinterest layout effectively and which helps to achieve a consistent user experience.


Pinterest is highlighted above all other social channels and even ModCloth’s own website. This shows the clothing brand wants users to engage and interact with the products first before visiting the ecommerce site. 


This is busy email, clearly intended for the average Grazia reader, and its main focus is on competitions. This one is a specific Pinterest competition, that clicks through to Luxeyard’s Pinterest page.



This is notable for the subtle Pinterest link within the brushes panel, ‘learn how to use them’. Sephora is using Pinterest as a visual ‘how to’ guide.


It may seem cloying, but the ‘we love Pinterest’ is a nice touch, and proves the social channel does invoke an emotional connection that perhaps users don’t have with Facebook or Twitter.

Jewellery & Accessories

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth highlights its ‘pin what you love competition’. It also offers a neat step-by-step guide on how to engage with the brand on Pinterest. The ‘each pin is one contest entry’ is a great incentive to spend a long time on its Pinterest page.

A nice bright email from that highlights a specific, seasonally themed board.

Home and Garden

Pottery Barn

Pinterest is spotlighted in the top right-hand corner, and this is another example of how the layout of Pinterest is influencing the design of marketing emails.

Ballard Designs

A nice, single message email from Ballard Designs, asking the user to create an entire board for the retailer with at least four pins, in order to win $1,000 of merchandise. You’ll be effectively doing Ballard Design’s marketing for it by entering.

Here’s another one from Ballard Designs:

Just five large images of products are featured, and therefore is an eyecatching piece of visual marketing and each product has its own direct ‘pin it’ button.


The simple and direct approach. 

Z Gallerie

This is a brilliant idea for a competition. ‘Win your pins’ is a great way to make users scramble to the Pinterest page and pin and repin as many Z Gallerie products as they possibly can.

World Market

Colourful and bright, this mimics the Pinterest layout but uses World Market’s own style.

Children’s - 

Pottery Barn Kids

The children’s building blocks with the relative social channel’s logo is a nice touch.

Babies “R” Us

Integrated ‘Pin It’ button takes the user directly to the Pinterest page.

Kiwi Crates

This is a fantastic way to get customers using Pinterest creatively and really think about what they’re pinning, rather than a mad rush to pin as many of the brand’s products as possible.


Food and drink - 


An effective, integrated layout that highlights specific pinnable foods and allows you to follow three of its boards.

Sporting goods - 

Finish Line

An amalgamation of the best of the prevously featured competitions. Create your own board, fill it up with Pins, win a giftcard. Each product has its own ‘pin it’ button, and you can also link through to a specfic ‘shop our most pinned’ page.

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