Calling all social media heroes! Are you fed up seeing the same old chestnuts trotted out as examples of great social media campaigns?

We are too, so we’re on the lookout for best practice work in this area, particularly from UK agencies and clients. Can you help?

Most agencies claim that they can do it. Our recent Customer Engagement Survey with cScape highlighted that many respondents have used blogs, video-sharing sites, social networks, widgets and social knowledge sharing in 2007, yet we see few examples of really good quality work in this area.

Here is your opportunity to impress us at E-consultancy towers.

Come on you PR guys and girls, you social media boutique agencies, SEO boffins, advertising and DM people. Big up your corporate blog, your widgets, that UGC video campaign and anything else that could be classified as social media marketing best practice.

We can’t offer any gongs or awards, but we will credit you for work that we think is genuinely best of its class at our events and our training courses might even stretch to a pint and a packet of crisps if we bump into you.

Get out the Brasso, dust off your trumpet and blow it. Email me examples of your best work (my christian name at The brave among you might even highlight the more unsuccessful campaigns. This is just as valid as we learn what is relevant and meaningful in this space.

As a 2008 treat, we will shortlist the best campaigns and provide some useful thoughts about social media best practice and things to avoid.