It’s that time again: the final few days of the month where my daily trawling of the social video ocean finally pays off.

Personally I’m hoping for nothing but wall-to-wall Halloween themed Vines this month, being as it’s not only my favourite time of the year but also because I’ve been saving some really good puns for this occasion.

Will my prayers be answered? Will Halloween be overlooked for other less spooky events? When will you begin to question the artifice of me writing this introduction as if I haven’t already begun looking yet?

Two of these questions will be answered (at most) in the following round-up…


Introducing this year’s most terrifying horror movie monster: Slidey Face.

Samsung UK

Samsung’s #ThatSucks campaign has accomplished its finest work this month with a vomiting pumpkin and some health & safety advice for mummies. 


It’s simple, but it’s a neat way to showcase all the new album releases every week. I feel like I’m really clutching at straws with this being Halloween-themed. There isn’t even The Monster Mash here!

And that’s about it for Halloween themed Vines this month. Disappointing as last year there were some absolute corkers.

If you want to see more branded Halloween goodness check out these eight brands scaring your pants off.

General Electric


Walt Disney Pictures

Currently promoting its absurdly titled adaption Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Disney asked followers for their own versions of a terrible, horrible… yeah you get the picture.


LEGO has moved on from using its Vine channel purely for its Mixels sets, and is now showing off the endless possibilities of its LEGO Creator sets.

Currys PC World

The UK retailer has come up with a few inspired Vines to promote the features of the new HPx360.

Red Bull

The hardest way to tackle a Red Bull.


The evolution of SOS. Sadly missing Abba though.

Walkers Crisps

If you joined us for last month’s edition, you’ll have seen Walkers’ promoting its six new flavours. Here are a couple more that came out at the beginning of October. They’re most impressive for their use of an unbroken loop.

Naked Juice

Fantastic work here, using Vine to promote a good cause, with an unbroken looping animation that explains the process in simple visual language.

Chrysler Autos

Come anywhere near my car Zach King and I’ll have you arrested.

From digitally manipulated ‘magic’ to this neat in-smartphone sleight of hand, Chrysler has some fantastic Vines this month.


Chrysler isn’t the only brand capitalizing on Zach King’s skills this month. Here’s one of his more achievable efforts.


Opel isn’t the only brand capitalising on Zach King’s skills this month… hang on a minute, surely there are other Viners out there that could do with some attention?

The White House

Bringing you the most honest answers to the toughest questions.

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