Welcome to our monthly round-up of the best branded Vines from the last four weeks.

I stand by the term ‘best’, as these genuinely are the most effective Vines of March from an entertaining, innovative or inspirational perspective. However if you’re a regular reader of this round-up you may sense a feeling of repetition sinking in. 

How many more hand-drawn racing cars can you watch driving around a notepad? How many more quickly edited ‘random selectors’ can you click on? Are you sick of the sight of Claymation yet? 

I’ll be dealing with this quandary throughout the round-up, which is ordered roughly best to worst.


Starting on a high, this is my favourite Vine of the month purely because it’s the funniest one.


Subway takes the oft-used stop motion food but does something fairly unique with it. Look at the way the roll fills up with the ingredients.


This one technically came out on the last day of February, but it’s definitely worth highlighting as it’s a great fusion of creativity, innovation and product.


A simple yet clever little Vine that subverts your expectation in a subtle way.

Samsung Mobile USA

Samsung goes all retro and hypnotic in this simple animated video.

Red Bull

One of Red Bull’s best from the last few months. Terrifyingly captivating considering its length.


Although not shot particularly well, Lumia’s Vine does give you good practical advice on how to achieve the same effect.

Smart Car

Smart Car’s Vine tell us what we already know (that you can park the car in a shoe box if you have to) but the chopping and changing backgrounds are nicely done. Could use some music though.

Aston Martin

Appealing to purely the car fetishist.


Here things go a little wayward. Even if you are a fan of Oasis, I don’t know how much you can really stand to listen to the opening bars of ‘Roll With It’ on repeat.

That being said, this was definitely the best eclipse newsjack of the month.


Ford has made an art of the funny, low-key social video using already established Viners.

Dunkin Donuts

Although on the face of it, DD’s Vine is not doing anything it hasn’t done before, but the subtle way it leads into the repeated loop is to be applauded.

If nothing else, DD has really improved the quality of its stop-motion animation lately.

Sony Xperia

Budget: one Sony Xperia tablet.

The White House

Leslie Knope’s very favourite White House resident.


An excellent way to promote its content away from Vine, whilst still making an original video.


Sterling, multi-layered work as standard from Intel as usual.


Clearly drawn on the back of a menu (look at carefully at the background) this Vine also doesn’t explain what the barely legible horsey sauce is.


Sir, if you turn up to our pitch meeting in your board-shorts you will be escorted immediately out of the building.


It’s competently made, well animated, but it’s difficult to get excited about something you’ve seen hundreds of times already from other brands.

Burger King

I like to end on a Burger King video as an example of the very basic Vine that you can achieve.

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