Nearly a quarter of Living Social’s subscribers interact with the deals site via mobile (across both its apps and mobile site) according to the company’s UK MD Peter Briffet.

Speaking during a panel discussion at the Daily Deals Summit Europe, Briffet said that working out how to deliver better content through mobile channels was key to the industry’s future growth.

The winner here will be the one who becomes the destination site where people come to you rather than us pushing out the deals to them. You have to give people what they want, where they want on a daily basis.”

Also on the panel was Groupon UK MD Tobias Tschoetsch, who said that to sustain its growth, the industry had to move beyond daily deals to a more diverse selection of offers that could be targeted to individual users.

To effectively target customers you have to have a broader range of deals. The next step is getting better at offering relevant deals and communicating through new channels.”

The panellists also agreed that creating and maintaining relationships with merchants is key to the daily deals industry.

Kgbdeals CEO Brian Harrison said that while all deals sites were good at delivering “volume at velocity”, figuring out how to make sure businesses understand that and can use it to their advantage is critical.

In order to deliver additional value, Tschoetsch suggested that Groupon’s sales teams needed to become more like business consultants.

We need to be able to go in to local businesses and find out what the problem is we can solve, and what services we can offer.”

Another major challenge for the panellists was driving customer loyalty. Briffet said that LivingSocial’s focus is social commerce, so the company aims to create content that people want to talk about.

Keeping the content live and exciting is really important so customers want to share it. You then also need to make sure you have the systems setup so customers enjoy the experience and keep coming back.”

But shifting the focus back on to merchants, Tschoetsch said that as an intermediary, Groupon needed to make sure it correctly vetted its retailers.

We rely on merchants to deliver the service. We go into great detail on the selection and the quality of merchants to ensure our customers have a good experience and keep coming back.”