It’s our monthly round-up of the very best branded Vines of the past four weeks.

For your 150 seconds of pleasure this month we have a big name celebrity whose time has been exploited for all its worth, a mystical pizza snatcher of legend and some mild mistreatment of a plastic doll.


Not that it’s a competition or anything but Lowe’s totally won Vine this month. Teasing its Black Friday offers with a series of beautifully made and witty animations.

Disney Parks

8-bit Mickey, somehow less grating then real-life Mickey. When I say ‘real-life Mickey’ you know what I mean, right? Just to be clear I don’t really think that Mickey is… never mind.


Introducing the absurdly clumsy Hyundai Hank. Looking forward to the final part where he just gets left on the hot dashboard.


Say what you will about giant super-computers, they could warm up an entire office in four minutes flat.


Behold, nature’s cruelest mistake.


“We could only afford Jim Parsons for three seconds worth of filming, but I don’t think anyone will notice.”

General Electric

Kind of beautiful. Kind of gross. Standard GE.


Questions raised: #1 How comfortable can a shoe made of broken bits of vinyl be? #2 & #3 Why the hell is there a shoe on my turntable and who the hell broke my Hall & Oates record?


The fate that must befall every delicious cookie.



Three excellent Vines from the US telecoms company, including the second Mario reference this week.

Best Buy

Best Buy has been offering advice on how to subtly hint at what you want for Christmas. Unfortunately I had already salted the words Nintendo Wii into my parents’ garden three months ago.


The Pizza Wizard, stealing pizza and delaying the need for drawstring sweatpants for another day

Sanuk Footwear

Behaviour that in the UK would get you imprisoned. And quite right too.

Benefit Cosmetics

Well the first mistake Brittany Furlan made was in using Copydex.

PG Tips

The monkey returns and gets in on the newsjacking game… these are for Movember and the inexplicable return of Nick Cotton to Eastenders. I think.


Just to show that even pros like Zach King can be caught out by the six second format and a lack of attention to detail.

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