It’s the blog equivalent of turning the television on to watch The Simpsons, only to find it’s a clip-show.

Yep it’s a collection of all the best stuff from our weekly round-up of weird/funny stuff, loosely stitched together to make it look like it’s a brand new thing.

Be under no illusion though, it definitely isn’t. However it’s still a good excuse to look back over a year’s worth of nonsense and pick out the bits you may have missed.

So sit back, relax and lose yourself to a good 10-15 minutes of thundering balderdash.

Hack the menu

What I thought I knew about the world is wrong. There are layers. Multiple layers that live far, far below this rigid, rule-based society of ours. It’s a wonderful place down there. One full of wonder, invention and type 2 diabetes.

Welcome to the world of the ‘secret menu’.

Do you know that you can order a Big McChicken from McDonalds (a Big Mac with chicken instead of bread) or a Twix Frappuccino from Starbucks?

Mind blown! Just try not to tell many people about it okay.

Super addictive game of the year

Hextris will ruin you. I mean seriously be careful with this. It’s a Tetris level of addictive.

Totally worth it though.

Hey trend-conscious executive, get your business Pogs right now!

Business Pogs and QR codes! Wow, it’s as if the crappy past and the crappy present have collided to make a wonderful future. First here’s the sales pitch.

And here’s the brain-melting website where you can place your first order. 

The Toilet Guru

Answering such questions as: do foreigners have strange toilets? What is a bidet? Can you clean a toilet with fire? Plus the very salient… why am I so obsessed by toilets?

Metal albums with googly eyes

Click on the image below to be taken to a Tumblr page that combines Cannibal Corpse’s Butchered at Birth and Sesame Street. Finally!

Only 35,136,019 bricks to go

Movoto worked out how many bricks it would take to build full-size versions of 17 famous movie homes. Below is the Ghostbusters firehouse.

Sure it’s pricey, but a relative bargain compared to $204m it would take to amass 1.1bn bricks for a life size version of Hogwarts.

Say what?

This is what computers are for. 

Chrome app of the year

Hodor. Hodor. Hodor.

I am a beam of light penetrating the maelstrom

Skeletor is having an existential crisis that only positively affirming memes can solve.

The award for best dad ever goes to…

This guy makes short films of his son and adds special effects to make him look like an action hero, displaying the three most important traits a father can have: technical skills, a love of Star Wars and recklessness.

Nothing really mattress

Celebrities who look like mattresses. You’ll be surprised how funny and uncanny these pictures are. Courtesy of the Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board.

A complete history of the world (of memes)

Here’s every meme’s origin explained in surprisingly only five minutes. You probably won’t go on the internet for at least a week after watching this.

Tumblr of the year

Awful Review Posters replaces film poster pull-quotes with one star Amazon customer reviews. Shawshank Redemption’s ”it’s like Stir Crazy only without Gene Wilder” is a particular highlight.

All by myself

When Richard Dunn found himself stuck overnight at Las Vegas airport without a single soul around, he did the only logical thing anyone would do. Made this majestic music video…

Eat, drink and be Murray

The many faces of our hero…

By Steve Murray.

Ads for sickos

This is one for my very favourite things of the year, although do be warned, steer clear if you’re not quite the degenerate that I am.

This collection of wholesome all-American ads have all been given a much needed darker twist.


How do you make boring old time photos better? 

By turning them into spine chilling gifs…

Kevin J Weir has been raiding old photographs from the library of congress’s Flickr account and giving them a spooky makeover.

List of the year

HFP has a bemusingly awful and hilarious list of the bemusingly awful and hilarious Richard Madeley’s best ever quotes.

Example: “Do you find that people patronise you? That means that they talk down to you.” Click below for 38 more.

My Life with Bradley Cooper

New Jersey mum Danielle Davies has been documenting her life with a cardboard cut-out of Bradley Cooper in this blog.

Can you imagine being so delusional that you think a cardboard cut-out celebrity is your friend and that you can take him anywhere with you? How unhinged!

The state of New York would like you to stop doing this…


The Washington Post reported on a disturbing and probably fake trend for online dating site users posing with tigers and other animals you probably shouldn’t mess with.

The Ladybird Book of wrongness

Bag of Delights has Photoshopped old Ladybird books and made them weird.

Star Wars related thing of the year (prior to that trailer)

I self-imposed a temporary moratorium on posting anything Star Wars related in this round-up for fear of over saturation (along with Game of Thrones, Stanley Kubrick and Hollyoaks).

However, these genuinely breath-taking images from photographer Thomas Dagg were just too good not to share.

Become Wrath

This time on Morgan Freeman’s series of ‘unboxing videos… I think you know where this is going.

May your brain explode because of the cuteness 

Here are 14 Japanese meals courtesy of Bored Panda that will make you resent you boring ham sandwich.

There are also Chewbacca noodles. 

If you lived here, you’d be depressed now

Here’s a terrible real estate agent photographs to make you shudder and… I don’t know… probably put a throw over your sofa or something.

Gif of the year

We have a saying in the old round-up biz… Always end on a Gif.

That’s it for 2014, me and the internet will be back in 2015 to continue railroading your efforts in do anything remotely constructive.