A brand is just the sum of all customer experience over time.

“Be a generalist not a specialist.” (Quote courtesy of Buckminster Fuller). 

As proved by iOS7 – hardware is no longer the product, it’s now the software.

Brands now borrow equity from people, it’s no longer the other way round.

Rhythm may be the key to creating a consistent consumer experience – the frequency of delivery is perhaps more important than the product, brand or message.


37% of online adults in the UK are always addressable.

40% of people solely check their emails on a mobile device.

80% of the time our eyes are just scanning a web page.

One in five adults in the UK don’t have basic IT Skills.

Brands that use responsive email design achieved a 10% better product recall with consumers.


People view data selectively and use it to interpret their prior beliefs.

50% of global TV format sales are for British programs.

One in three young people in the UK aged between 16 and 24 have signed up to 4oD.

The results of C4’s Paralympics pre-awareness campaign: 11.6m people watched the opening ceremony & eight out of ten people felt Paralympians were as talented as Olympic athletes after seeing the advertisements.

Channel4’s remit for innovation impacts its risk taking ad campaigns.


Epapgogix ecommends the practise of Neural Networking to provide “shockingly accurate” forecasting.

The entertainment industry is increasingly relying on data for creative decisions.

Governement Digital Service

Focus on activities not audiences.

Average cost of digital transaction is 50 times lower than face-to-face.

A website that works is better than a website that looks nice. 

We Are Social

Creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exist.

75% of all movies watched on Netflix are recommended by one of their algorithms.

Algorithms are not programmed to take risks – something that is inherently human.


There is four times more engagement on Vine than there is on Youtube.

Marketing shouldn’t be saying “buy me”, it should be saying “share me”.

Six month time limit before brands start faking their sincerity on vine by creating slicker videos.