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This week’s edition has been complied to the soundtrack of newly-available-to-streaming hard-rock overlords AC/DC. Stats The Way We Rock and Roll, indeed.

UK mar­keters see the indus­try chang­ing dra­mat­i­cally and the change is only accel­er­at­ing

Adobe has released its Digital Roadblock Report 2015 revealing that UK marketers are feeling equally challenged (49%), optimistic (47%) and excited (46%) about digital transformation within the marketing industry. 

While opti­mistic, UK mar­keters worry about their abil­ity to keep up (48%, 37% EMEA); they feel under­pre­pared for the changes within their indus­try (41%) and feel they are along for the ride rather than dri­ving change (51%).

Mar­keters believe they are expected to adapt to tech advance­ments to keep pace with the indus­try (73%), yet only 19% describe them­selves as tech savvy (early adopter).

Programmatic hits 45% share of UK online ad sales

The IAB UK’s second annual study on how online display ads are bought, reveals that programmatic’s share has risen from 28% to 45% in a year and is now worth almost £1bn.

  • Programmatic was narrowly behind direct sales between publishers and buyers (49% share of display ad sales). Only 6% were bought through ad networks (down from 22%
  • Programmatic accounts for two-thirds of mobile ad sales. Its share of mobile ad sales has nearly doubled from 37% in 2013 to 64% in 2014
  • Nearly one fifth (18%) of video ads are now traded programmatically

86% of UK marketers are currently personalising their marketing

Experian has created an infographic looking at marketing personalisation, detailing the top three personalisation challenges facing marketers.

Click below for the full version (registration required).

Cannes Lions 2015: stats and analysis

xAd, has been monitoring social media mentions around the #CannesLions hashtag.

Cannes Lions has had almost half a million mentions (438,683 tweets) over the course of the festival and the intersection between data, technology and creativity took centre stage at the Cannes Lions Innovation Festival with adtech advancing to be the hottest media and advertising topic.

Top 10 brand mentions

  1. Google (7,704 tweets)
  2. Facebook (5,923 tweets)
  3. Apple (5,381 tweets)
  4. Snapchat (4,099 tweets)
  5. Twitter (3,069 tweets)
  6. Instagram (1,659 tweets)
  7. Tinder (1,474 tweets)
  8. Unilever (1,204 tweets)
  9. Microsoft (1,081 tweets)
  10. Uber (989 tweets)

Top 5 agency mentions

  1. Ogilvy (28,084 tweets)
  2. WPP (1,606 tweets)
  3. Havas (1,173 tweets)
  4. McCann (1,142 tweets)
  5. Saatchi & Saatchi (613 tweets)

Hottest media & advertising topics

  1. Adtech (2,055 tweets)
  2. Storytelling (1,205 tweets)
  3. Mobile advertising (1,004 tweets)
  4. Programmatic (460 tweets)
  5. Content marketing (260 tweets)
  6. Beacons/location-targeting (216 tweets)
  7. Wearables (151 tweets)
  8. Native advertising (109 tweets)

Content marketing is effective and in demand for the legal sector

According to our brand new report Digital Marketing in the Legal Sector, multimedia content creation is the skill second-most in demand when recruiting into legal sector marketing teams. 

Content marketing is also viewed as the most effective digital marketing discipline for law firms. This corresponds with law firm websites and their prioritising of sector insight in the form of articles, publications and video.

We asked our respondents to rank the top three most effective digital channels or disciplines for their firm:

Non-marketing stat of the week

A can of Spam is opened every four seconds.

I would write an email marketing joke here, but I figure you can come up with your own that’s at least equally good. 


Wimbledon real-time shopper trends on eBay

eBay has revealed how its users have shopped over the fortnight of Wimbledon.

  • Searches for crochet dress up by 37% after Kim Murray wore one to watch the 2013 final
  • Jelena Djokovic’s choice of outfit for the same match had a slightly bigger impact, caused a 39% increase in searches for striped dress
  • More than 100 searches per hour for Reiss on the day Kim wore one of the label’s dresses last year
  • Searches for “black slip dress” increased by 59% on the day Victoria Beckham wore one to the 2013 final
  • Searches for traditional tennis brands Lacoste and Fred Perry peak on middle weekend of tournament for last two years

How to tempt consumers away from your rival

Acquity Group’s Next Generation of Commerce Study reveals which tactics best encourage consumers to jump ship from one retailer to another.

  • While fast delivery is important, the majority of consumers (82%) would rather get 10% off an item’s price than same-day delivery
  • 18% of consumers would switch to a new retailer if they offered social media engagement (such as “Liking” or sharing a post) as a form of currency redeemable for discounts. This jumps to 28% for ages 18-22 and to 32% for ages 23-30
  • One out of five consumers would choose a new retailer for day-to-day items if they offered enhanced online commerce security measures

15% of Britons online are blocking ads

Almost one in seven (15%) British adults online are currently using ad blocking software, mainly because they find online ads interruptive or annoying, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK Ad Blocking report, conducted by YouGov.

  • More than one out of five (22%) admitted having downloaded the software at some point
  • Men (22%) are currently more than twice as likely to block ads as women (9%). It’s most prevalent among 18-24 (34%) and 25-34 year olds (19%). Regionally, people in the North and Scotland (both 19%) are the most likely to be doing so
  • However, only just over half (52%) of those who’ve used the software said their main motivation was to block all ads; 12% said it was to block certain types of ads, 11% say only to block ads from certain websites

Non-marketing infographic of the week

This week we check back in with our favourite dispensers of data visualisations, Information is Beautiful. Here David McCandless goes terribly meta with this guide to what makes a good visualisation. 

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