It’s the end of June and therefore we can finally reveal the very best of mini-movie-masterpieces from the preceding four and a bit weeks.

We have everything here from ‘sweded’ Ghostbusters, yogurt cruelty and donuts, so many donuts. (and yes I will be spelling donuts like that throughout the article).

So buckle up for exactly 162 seconds of entertainment. Longer if you stop to linger over my semi-insightful blathering.


LEGO entered the world of Vine in suitably well-planned and creative fashion this month.

At the moment it’s concentrating on the Mixels sets, but who knows what other goodies it has up its sleeve in the future.

For more info read our guide to LEGO’s outstanding social media strategy. We also have LEGO’s Head of Social Lars Silberbauer speaking at our Festival of Marketing in November. 

Dunkin’ Donuts

Last week I asked the question how delectable is Dunkin’ Donuts social media strategy? The answer being “quite”. In terms of Vine though, you can’t have just one.

So that’s two then.


Speaking of donuts. (Why yes, I am the best at segues).


Batdad has this whole Vine thing sewn up. His channel is full of wit, charm and homespun ingenuity. Tide has tapped into his creativity (and huge audience) for a series of Father’s Day related Vines

Samsung Mobile

Samsung has uploaded a beautiful series of colour themed Vines for its #thenextGALAXY campaign, each made by a renowned Viner.


What you got for us this month Lowe’s? Wow… I never would have thought of that!       

Thanks! I love you Da… uh… I mean… Nevermind.

Sony Electronics

A not terribly timely, but nonetheless loving homage to Inception, complete with spinning top and slightly cheaper camerawork.

What is this riff on Ghostbusters really telling us? That the classic telephone is already dead yet it still stalks the physical realm and therefore needs to be captured in a trap? I’m sure Zuul would have something to say about that.

Taco Bell

For more information on what a Polaroid is, just ask your nearest 30+ year-old.

Nike Football

More mind-boggling football skills from Nike this month.


Brands, the World Cup and stop motion go hand in… Hmm, I’m sure there’s a better metaphor here. In the meantime…

Away from the World Cup eBay’s been doing some great work on Vine…

And I have a soft spot for the stupidity of this one.

Rice Krispies Squares

Aggh! So simple, so brilliant!


Rube Goldberg Vine of the month goes to…

And this one particularly appeals to my crueller side.

Jolly Rancher

After an eight month break, the US candy maker has begun Vining again in earnest. This is one of the best animations from this month.


Excellent visuals and obviously painstakingly created, however it’s unfortunate there’s been no thought to the sound design whatsoever. That vexes me.

Ford Europe

To end on a high-note, let’s showcase some of Ford’s finest and most varied work from this month.

For last month’s round-up, check out 20 best branded Vines for May 2014.