Content marketing is a big deal at the moment, and we’ve covered the topic in some detail on the blog this year. 

Here’s a selection of the best interviews, stats, infographics and tips on content marketing from 2012…


The experts talk to Econsultancy about content marketing strategy… 

Velocity’s Stan Woods on B2B content marketing

Q&A: David Sasson of Outbrain on content marketing and content discovery

Q&A: James Gurd on B2B content marketing

How Econsultancy does content marketing

Inisght into the Econsultancy approach to content marketing, and how we measure and learn from our efforts. 

Which content marketing metrics are valuable for Econsultancy?

The future of content marketing? Consult the feeds

Content marketing and SEO

Some interesting debate on where SEO sits in relation to content marketing. 

Could content marketing replace the SEO department?

The convergence of SEO, design and content

Content marketing stats

A few stats from our recent Content Marketing Survey Report… 

Which content marketing metrics are you using?

Just 38% of companies have a content marketing strategy: report

B2B content marketing

Some great advice on how B2B marketers can use content marketing… 

Five great examples of B2B content marketing

How to sell B2B content marketing to the dinosaurs who pay your salary

B2B content marketing: tips from Digital Cream

B2B content marketing: finding your sweet spot

17 tips for choosing a B2B content marketing agency

B2B Content marketing is about you AND your customers

Best practice tips for content marketing

A selection of great tips from guest bloggers and the Econsultancy team. 

Five content marketing lessons from the Red Bull Stratos jump

Six tools content marketers should be using daily

Storytelling: why most content marketing plans fail

The five stages of content-marketing grief

Your company is awash with great content

Successful content marketing doesn’t require a zoo

How to be sure content marketing produces sales

How small businesses can use Pinterest for a content marketing boost

How to give your content marketing strategy a makeover

Content marketing infographics

The growth of content marketing: infographic

What’s your content marketing plan of attack? [infographic]

Pinterest for retailers and content marketers: infographic