Big bold copy…

copy on lowes mobile site

Different coloured text for ease of reading and comparison.

fonts on lowes mobile site

Lightbox confirmation of add to cart.

added to cart - lowes


Easy sorts and granular filters make mobile browsing easier. 

filters and sorts - cleartrip  filters and sorts on cleartrip mobile site

Colours used smartly to highlight trip summary (the most important part to check is in the brightest colour), booking call to action (a warning red) and selected departure and return flights (blue to highlight selection).

clear trip cta and colours  cleartrip out and return flights


Category select with chunky illustrated buttons.

argos boxy web design

Compelling, crisp product-photo slideshows (x6 photos here).

argos mobile product slideshow  argos product slideshow mobile

argos product slideshow

Warby Parker

Menu icons (even tailored for sex in the product categories).

warby parker mobile menu

Beautifully displayed ‘you might like these too’ suggestions on product page.

you might like

Gif! (take my word for it with these screenshots).

warby parker mobile  warby parker mobile

Beautiful palette, beautiful type.

warby parker mobile  warby parker mobile


Bold headlines stand out.

buzzfeed mobile

More neat and simple app download messaging (no App Store screenshots here).

buzzfeed mobile

Share buttons pinned to the bottom of page, for when you’ve finished reading the article. 

mobile buzzfeed

No dead ends at the end of articles, lots more articles to scroll through (More Buzz).

buzzfeed mobile


OS field input.

ted mobile

Large text ‘About’ section at bottom of homepage.

TED mobile


Simple homepage design. Not too many options. 

kayak mobile

Auto-fill fields (today’s date, one night stay, one person, one room) and helpful logos.

kayak mobile site

GPS for current location.

gps enabled kayak mobile


Simplicity of page design – nice big text, no annoying native format ads.

huffpo mobile

John Lewis

Chunky fields for fat fingers. 

john lewis mobile


Simplicity of homepage.

specsavers mobile

Chunky product select, this from the Men’s category. This saves mistaken clicks. 

specsavers mobile

Top line, easy to read product features.

specsavers mobile

Chefs Feed

Value proposition on homepage.

chefs feed mobile

Header pinned to top of page.

chefs feed sticky menu

Filter menu to allow users to narrow their searches. 

chefs feed mobile

Click to call. Saves time for users. 

click to call