Even so, based on an assumption that the average return for the top category is £55, the estimated average return across all organisations is £21.48 for each £1 spent on email marketing.


The report also found that more than half (56%) of respondents expect their company’s email budget to increase in 2012, while only 5% said they expect it to decrease.

Our Marketing Budgets Report revealed similar findings – 65% of respondents said their email marketing budget would increase this year, while just 4% said it was likely to decline.

Interestingly, the DMA’s report found that lack of internal resource (54%) and budget (38%) are the main constraints preventing companies from achieving their marketing goals.

Lack of data was cited by just 27% of respondents, while internal process and in-house technology were selected by 30% and 28% respectively.

Another indicator of the value of email marketing is its share of business revenue. The majority of businesses (62%) produce more than a third of their digital business revenue through email.

In fact a third of businesses (34%) achieve 50% or more of their digital revenue from email marketing.

The DMA’s survey, sponsored by Alchemy Worx, polled 250 senior B2B and B2C brand marketers.