The findings come from the Conversion Rate Optimization Report, published in partnership with Redeye.

The research looks at the types of conversion strategies and tactics organizations are using, in addition to the tools and processes employed for improving conversion rates.

It shows that 62% of client-side respondents are currently personalising their marketing activity.

Do you (or your clients) undertake any form of personalisation in your (or their) marketing activity?

Obviously brands are unlikely to be personalising all of their marketing messages, so the report investigates which channels are being personalised and how effective it has been in improving conversions.

More than four in five organisations personalising aspects of their marketing are doing so with their email (88% of client-side and 84% of supply-side respondents).

However, agencies are more likely to indicate that their clients are personalising their website, social media and SMS compared to company respondents.

Through which channels do you personalise?

However Mike Harris from Monetate suggests that the number of companies personalising their email messaging might actually be lower than the 88% stated in the survey:

I’d venture a guess that respondents’ definition of email personalization is fairly basic.

Many marketers are still using batch and blast tactics for their emails and are often limited in their personalization efforts to merging data fields, such as name and company that are available in their CRM systems.

The impact of personalisation

It’s generally assumed that personalised marketing messages will have greater resonance with consumers, but to what extent is that true?

The survey asked respondents whether personalisation had resulted in an uplift in conversion rates, with the results showing that each channel achieved positive results from personalisation.

Just under a third (32%) of companies reported a ‘major uplift’ in conversion rates in their search engine marketing, more than any other channel.

Interestingly, 95% of companies said there was some kind of uplift in conversions when personalising offline channels, more than website (93%), SEM (92%) or email (90%).

Have you experienced an uplift in conversion rates through any of these channels since implementing personalisation? 

You can download the full Conversion Rate Optimization Report here.