Multi-touch conversion tracking reveals that Facebook ads generate 133% more conversion than just using last-touch.

A multi-touch attribution model provides a more realistic assessment of ROI.

Facebook effectiveness is undervalued by 12-30% if you are using last-click to measure your ads.


Just having a good digital team does not make you a digital organisation.

Future media is as important to the BBC as television, news and sport.

‘Hack-Day’ – an initiative where digital marketers were invited to the BBC and given a brief to improve Radio 4’s marketing. Led to 28 separate pitches in one day.


Sending out the same message in all your marketing and social channels is a waste of time.

Game has given all of its stores a unique Twitter account to increase relevance and personalisation. 

750,000 App downloads so far. 500,000 from registered customers who are three times more valuable then regular customers. 

Game empowers CRM with personal communications.

American Express

Partnering with TripAdvisor brings relevance and reliability to linked cardmembers’ customer reviews on the TripAdvisor site.

The majority of cardmembers who have linked their cards to their social media profiles previously opted out of email.

Currently trialling ‘Tweet to Buy’.

Ford Retail Group

87% of new-car buyers and 85% of used-car buyers use the web for research.

The average number of dealerships visited before making a purchase has come down from eight to 1.2.

Ford recommends bringing the customer experience into the boardroom.


94% of digital marketers see data integration as the next step in the evolution of tag management.


Don’t be afraid to kill social media campaigns that don’t work.


Virgin’s new site is based on allowing the audience to lead the brand, rather than the brand leading the audience.


There is no shortage of data, but being able to link disparate data sets together is a key challenge.

User journeys are often more complicated than you think and there are always ways to make your brand relevant.

Best Western

Storytelling is the oldest form of communication in the world and is one of the best ways of driving engagement.

Use technology to assist purpose not the other way round.

News UK

Real-time monitoring matters, but needs to be married to old school ‘gut feeling’ for online journalists.

YO! Sushi

Experiment with geo-targeted Facebook posts that request fans to engage in real-time activity to boost local marketing activity.


Nokia tries to connect the online research with the offline purchase via click to call, sending qualified traffic to retail partners


Mothercare increased open rates by 30% by personalising their emails.

If you give Mothercare a due date they know what to talk to you about for the next 6 years.


Expedia app downloaded 50 million times to date – 20 million of these within the last three months.

60% of people that own an iPad don’t own an iPhone.

68% of people that own an Android tablet don’t own an Android phone.

If you don’t have an iPhone App you’re potentially missing 95% of the market.


Shops at Heathrow Airport make £1.7 billion in Duty Free shopping a year.

It only took them six months to build a single customer view database with two years of planning


Don’t rely too heavily on SEO. Google will always change its algorithm.

Autotrader’s tips on integrating SEO, PPC and social.


10% of its value comes from 10,000 customers, and it rewards them accordingly.


Visitors coming to your site at lunchtime are 33% more likely to purchase than any other time of day.


Big Data is a euphemism for looking at broader data systems, so perhaps the hype has value.

Stop researching products on a mobile phone and buying them on another device – it’s ruining the attribution model.


Encourages the application of social proofing to improve marketing success.